Friday, December 18, 2015

Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

  Here we are, one week from Christmas. There are still a few gifts waiting to be purchased, the chocolate in the children's advent calendars is dwindling and I don't have tickets for Star Wars today. Well two out of three of these things seem to be normal (not having movie tickets is just sad) or par for the course as they say. One could argue that late shopping and advent calendars are just as much a part of tradition as seeing family and gift giving. But yesterday I realized that our little family has reached a crossroad pertaining to our Christmas traditions.
  Christmas day involves a little time at home in the morning before we scamper off to visit all of our families. It's an exhausting day that always goes by too fast and leaves us wishing we had more time to spend with our loved ones (that would be toys if your my kids.) To top it off, December in Utah is typically cold with various amounts of snow. I will tell you now that I really am not a fan of snow since very few of my recreations of choice involve cold and wet. So to me I think that it might be nice for a change of pace. What if I went somewhere warm and mild for Christmas? What if I were to travel for Christmas?
  Besides visiting the family and opening gifts there was only one thing that anchored us to home for Christmas. Santa. Yes the jolly, fat elf that delivers all those gifts to the children of the world in one magical night. Kids eat that stuff up don't they? I admit that seeing Santa through the eyes of an adult has been fun for the last thirteen years. It has given me a joy that I couldn't have understood without being a parent. Of course there is a time limit on magic and here in our household it has come to an end. We mourned for a few days (I as much as the children) but soon acceptance sunk in and we moved on. Moved on to thoughts of starting new traditions.
  I never thought that I might travel over Christmas. I'm not even sure it's wise. I imaging a lot of people travel for the holidays but in my mind they are still visiting family for the most part. Could a Christmas vacation work? I can see spending a few days in national parks photographing snow sprinkled red rocks in Bryce Canyon or Arches or maybe an air boat ride through the Florida Everglades. That could be fun. Christmas day would be the hardest I suppose since everything would be shut down on that one day but I could bring along a little Charlie Brown tree to set on the hotel rooms desk and order room service to get by. Yep, I'm starting to think I can make this work.
  On the other hand I don't like big crowds so a trip to Disney is out. There would be those family members that would either have to grumble about not seeing us on Christmas or they would have to travel with us which doesn't leave a lot of room under my Charlie tree. Decisions, decisions.
  With my children growing up and other family members having moved away 2015's Christmas will be different in many ways but one thing will remain the same. I'll be home as I have for every other Christmas in my life and though I may be tired, I will still have a great holiday. Or maybe I'll skip it and go see Star Wars.


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