Tuesday, December 1, 2015


  Welcome to Route to Adventure. We're happy you found us. A few of you have been with us since our days as AWOLAdventures.com our first little attempt into the world of online travel. Unfortunately the format made it difficult to use and almost impossible to update on the road. This coupled with the fact that there were a lot of different groups using the name AWOL Adventures helped us stay in obscurity I think. This led us to change things up a bit and start over and make things better. Under the blog format we can bring more adventures to you from anywhere which I think is the most exciting prospect of the change. We will miss you AWOL but this is for the better.
  Okay enough of that, here is what I want to tell you.  In this blog we want to take you along on all of our adventures, whatever they may be. To me anything can be an adventure. If it's exciting, you're learning something new, and you aren't sitting on your couch then you are having an adventure (no you don't need to be in peril to have an adventure but that does make for better stories.)  You will see a lot from the state of Utah since that's where we're based but we also have plans to go beyond Utah's borders to explore other regions of the US and sometimes even the world.
  2016 is looking like a big year for us with trips planned for: Easter Jeep Safari, Moab, Utah. The Rubicon Trail in California. The Paiute ATV trail system, Utah and so much more.
  So here's how we'll start. We're planning on posting twice a week. Tuesday's and Friday's will be those days and will vary in stories depending on what's going on in our travel's and whatever is on our minds. This time we have expanded the formats that we will be working with making it easier for you to follow us and get it touch with us. You can follow us on Twitter @Route2Adventure, Facebook, and Instagram right now if you haven't already but what I personally am the most excited for is that you will be able to view us on YouTube. Yes we will take video of our adventures and put together some interesting videos for your viewing pleasure. Video is something I played with years ago and couldn't really do anything with it other than fun (boring) home videos. With today's technology and outlets it is now possible to provide you with fun (not boring) informative video to show you locations that you may not have known about and more importantly to inspire you to go out and find your own adventures.
  We are excited for the future and are ecstatic to be taking you along with us. We hope you'll be patient as we explore this new format. We'll give you the best stories we can write, it just may not be pretty at first. Thank you and we'll see you on the route to adventure.

Brandan Rowley

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