Tuesday, December 29, 2015

There's Two Kinds of Traveler's Out There

  Three brown, leather suitcases of various sizes are laid out end to end on Amy's bed. Each suitcase is open. In the largest, Amy has packed the clothes for her lower half such as shorts, Levi's, and just in case she has thrown in one of her more flattering skirts. It's short but not too short. Next to those she has stacked a few tank tops, tee shirts, one long sleeved shirt and a nice blouse. In the smallest of the three bags she will pack her undergarments, a swim suit (maybe two swim suits), a hair dryer and brushes along with other small necessities and of course two or three different types of shoes. When she finishes packing this bag she will place it inside the bag slightly larger bag that is still empty. This bag is of course for souvenirs that she may or may not even buy but she feels better having it just in case.
  Once the bags are packed she will look through each bag at least three times to assure her mind that she has everything she needs before placing a TSA approved lock on each zipper. She'll print out her flight itinerary and put it in her purse and she will also double check to see if she has a copy of the itinerary on her smart phone. Her ride to the airport will be ten minutes late (she always is) but Amy has planned for that. She has planned for everything. Where she will stay, where she will go and what to see when she gets there. She knows what food she wants to eat and what restaurants to avoid. Amy has done her research.
  Bob has a duffle bag hanging over the arm of the couch. Worn spots and small tears hint at the bags age but the zipper still works so why not keep using it? He has enough room for his pants and shirts, and socks and underwear when properly folded don't take up much room. His small shave bag will be filled with a comb, a razor and a stick of deodorant. He has, on occasion, forgotten his toothbrush but today he's on his game and it's already packed, somewhere. He thinks.
  His flight itinerary has been printed but he has misplaced it twice but that's fine because the information is in the airport's system and they can just look it up. He knows he's going to head to the beach after checking in at the... what was the name of that hotel? Oh well, he has no place special he needs to be for the next few days because he's on vacation.

Okay, so I've had a little fun being dramatic about our fictional characters of Amy and Bob but we all know someone who seems to follow one of them and that's why it's funny. Me personally, I fall in the middle. I don't really stress out about what I'm going to be doing but I do need to know where I'm going and what I want to do. I guess it's a flexible itinerary where I know I want to see this or that but I'll always leave room for things that just pop up. Except when it comes to the airport. I hate flying. It's a horrible experience so to make it easier I lean toward the knowing and exactness of my friend Amy here. I am going on vacation so I want to explore but I don't want to be stressed and to me there needs to be a fine balance of structure and fancy free attitudes.
  What I find the funniest about Amy and Bob is that they could easily be married. Two polar opposites grinding each others nerves as they try to plan their trip. Maybe that's why Bob is using the couch to pack. But what do you do if your partner is on the opposite plane as you are? Do you try to meet in the middle? Do you take turns planning vacations? Or do you take separate vacations (gasp!) I can't tell you the right answer but I will tell you that I would like to think that we would shoot for the middle ground. What about you guys? Where do you fit? Are you an Amy or a Bob? I'd like to hear your take. Leave us a comment and let's discuss. And for Pete's sake Bob don't pack your toothbrush in your socks.


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