Tuesday, December 22, 2015

To Bag or to Bed

  The limbs are numb and plead for rest. Fog fills the mind and eyelids that took in the views of the world now struggle to remain open. A warm meal and a comfy bed are all that remains to cap off a perfect day. But when it is finally time to slip off to sleep will you be in a bed or would you rather be on the ground curled into a warm sleeping bag? Is this even a fair question with a correct answer?
  The more interesting question is, do you choose your adventures by the amenities you have after the fun is over? Would you still visit Yellowstone if you had to ride horseback for two or three days and sleep in a bedroll? To me that kind of sounds fun but others may turn their nose up to the idea and admittedly I'm not sure how long I could do it. Lucky for them you don't have to do that in this day and age. Today you can do most anything and still have a bed waiting to hug you at night. Notice that I say a bed without elaborating on it's comfort. I have slept in many a hotel bed that were less than welcoming and I have found that the bed's comfort has nothing to do with the price of the room, I'm looking at you again Disney.
  Next fall we will be taking a trip that is unprecedented for us. The ten day excursion will take us through two or more ghost towns, one very long and rough jeep trail, and will end in a national park. We will leave Salt Lake and head toward California to do the Rubicon Jeep trail. Our first night will be spent in a hotel room in Virginia City, Nevada where we'll learn about the Comstock Load but then we will travel to the Rubicon trail and spend two to three nights camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains sleeping on air mattresses and cots. Once off the trail we'll spend one night in South Lake Tahoe and take in the sites and sounds of that little town and recuperate in a bed, hopefully a comfy one. To end the week we'll head south to Yosemite to bask in it's beauty. We have yet to decide whether we'll hotel it or sleeping bag it for this part of the trip because there are pros and cons to each but the entire trip is shaping up to be one of the most exciting adventures we've ever taken on.  
  After we get back it will be interesting to see what parts of the vacation people liked and would do again versus what we didn't like and would choose not to do again. With ten to twelve people in the group we'll have a lot of opinions to sift through. But what about you? Would you camp while traveling or would you only stay in hotels? Do you like both but would only do one or another during a trip? Let us know in the comments or on social media. I'm interested to hear your take.
  Friday is Christmas and it's a busy week for all but I will still have something short for you to read as you try to recoup from all that family time so have a good week and have a happy holiday.


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