Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Where In The Winter? What Kind of Winter Traveler Are You?

  I've mentioned before that I live in Utah, a desert state. Did you know that it can snow twelve inches in a matter of hours in the desert? Well it can. It does. It did. I am not one for long winters. In fact, if I had any control I would fast track spring to the day after Christmas. Of course that wouldn't leave any room for our friends that ski would it? Well I'll tell you what, if I ever get powers that allow me to control the weather I'll keep the snow in the mountains for you until March 1st. Don't say I never gave you anything.
Over 12" in 8 hours Christmas Morning
This Christmas snow storm got me thinking about what types of travel people do during the winter. Like I just mentioned I tend to be done with winter after Christmas because most of my outdoor activities require little to no snow. Some would make fun of me because while I live in Utah with it's so called "greatest snow on Earth" I do not ski. Never have. I will also not say anything bad about it because I think you need to try something before you can really have an opinion. Skiing just never interested me. I did try snowboarding once and unfortunately it didn't stick.
  This time of year I'm looking for some warmth. I'm looking for a place where I can where a polo shirt during the day and maybe a hoodie in the evening. The closest to me is St. George just four hours south of Salt Lake. Here I can take the ATV's or go on a hike and escape old man winter for a weekend. St. George is also only thirty minutes from Mesquite, NV if I need to get my gambling game on (which is almost never by the way. I work too hard for my money.)
  But judging by how many people come here to ski during the winter I guess it's nice for you to come hang out in the cold for a weekend too. But I bet you don't stay that long. Do you? Nah, I don't blame you. There's a reason you live in warm climates. Maybe I'll follow suite some day. But for right now I'll come borrow some SO CAL sun.
  Last year we tried to avoid the winter by heading to the Caribbean for a cruise. It was a great trip made even better by winter not really showing up at all. But this was followed by a summer of water regulations and brown lawns. Go figure.
My winter ride. I wish.
   Everyone has different motivations for when and where they travel I suppose. Kids are in school, busy work schedules are just a couple of them. But if you had more time and funds to travel would you do it during the winter months?  Would you stay somewhat close to home or would you travel abroad? It might be interesting to travel to a foreign country to ski during their winter season. No, not for me but for somebody.
  Yup you're all welcome to come on out for some world class skiing but as for me I'm looking out the window at twenty degree highs and pacing the floor for my upcoming trip to California. You'll be able to tell which one I am. I'll be the pale guy wearing a t-shirt and shorts with a grin the Joker would be jealous of. Even in the rain. Don't forget to say hi, okay. See you on Friday!


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