Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Friends Found Around Every Corner

  It doesn't take much for someone to find negativity these days. An hour news report or a glance at social media allows a person to see that the world is in a dark place. If I had just woken up from a twenty year coma and someone showed me their Facebook feed I think I would beg for somebody to put me back to sleep. But something happened the other day that reminded me of the fun and friendships that I have made because of a Jeep.
  In all of the activities and adventures that I tend to participate in nothing has brought more face time with friendly people than off-roading in my Jeep. During my years spent as a trail official during the Easter Jeep Safari has allowed me to meet people from just about every state and even a few different countries and each one of them has been very friendly and respectful of others and the land we all enjoy. But what really sets them apart is how many you will find willing to take each other out to the back country for a fun day on the trail. On more than one occasion we have been in Moab and someone on the opposite side of the parking lot has come over and asked if we were going out somewhere and if we would mind if they tagged along. Our answer has always been a resounding YES.
  This just happened to us over the weekend. We were at the trail head of a local trail called The Rattlesnake when we were approached by a man and his family that wanted to tag along with our group and just like that our group grew from three to six rigs. Although the trail isn't very long we were able to show them the route and for an hour we were all good friends enjoying time on the trail. I just don't see this happen in other activities and I guess I find it a little disappointing. When you attend the Jeep Safari you are surrounded by these like minded people that are willing to help one another and are welcoming to new comers.
  I hope to meet as many of these people as possible when I attend off-road events and even more so when someone finds me at the gas station and it's just a small group. If you have had similar experiences in your adventures I hope that you cherish them as much as I do. This world needs more friendly people watching over each other. See you Friday!



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