Friday, February 12, 2016

Say Cheese!

  You've done it. You've planned the perfect vacation, one that your spouse and children will always refer to when they recall their best trip ever. So how will you prove to all of your friends that your stories are true? Well with pictures of course. But what type of camera do you choose? Well the answer isn't cut and dry. Weather, your chosen activities and personal preference dictate the style of camera you choose. But don't worry, these days cameras are everywhere (heck your phone likely has two) and almost all of them take great pictures. So what do I use? Well I'm going to tell you.
  I tend to carry too many cameras with me in my travels but I'm trying to document my adventures from as many angles as possible. To do this I have a minimum of two GoPro cameras with me on every trip. These versatile action sports video cameras provide unique and interesting camera angles due to the impressive line up of mounting options available and water proof cases. I use them to catch footage from both inside and outside our UTV and Jeep. I would refer to the GoPro as my front line soldiers, the guys I put into harms way to capture the hard to get shots that are too dangerous for other cameras to get (like under water.) At $400 these are (gulp) the least expensive cameras in my line up.
  When I need to snap some quick shots for social media or just some decent pictures for myself I will whip out my iphone. The cameras on cell phones continue to get better with each model, heck, they shoot 4K video now, that's ridiculous to think about. I always have my phone with me like most of you so there is never an excuse to miss photographing those precious moments.
  The big moments are reserved for better cameras, however. I currently use a Nikon D7000 and a Canon 70D for the majority of my photography. They aren't the most expensive cameras on the market (which I partly why I use them) but they take awesome photos. I like both of these cameras because of their similar features and the fact that they have a huge line of lenses that can be used to capture that perfect moment. Now you're probable wondering why I have both a Nikon and a Canon and it's a fair question and it's actually a simple answer.
  Technology in digital cameras has come a long way over the past ten years and manufacturers have found a way to add video capturing capabilities into the same little box that captures your great pictures. You can now get a cinematic video look without having to shell out thousands of dollars in equipment and training. I thought I would be a Nikon guy forever until I decided to shoot video. This is when I met the 70D. It's awesome video quality and superior auto focus places it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. So the Canon is used for documentary video shooting while I continue to use the Nikon for still photography. Using both gives multiple people the ability to be creative and gather our footage for the blog and the soon to launch YouTube channel.
  Well there's a glimpse of our camera gear and what we use them for. It may not help you find the right camera for you but it gives you a taste of what we go through. Maybe this will inspire you to get out this weekend and snap some shots. Remember you have your phone so no excuses. Have a safe weekend!


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