Friday, March 25, 2016

Finally Some Red Rocks

  Whew! We made it to Moab and not a moment too soon. For some reason getting down here was a fight. Snow storms, broken RV parts and more seemed to try to keep us down but we're here and having a great time. As expected there are a lot of people roaming around and the excitement is at a fever pitch.
  Our first day here spent at the Spanish Trail Arena for the vendor show. Here is the place you want to be if you own a Jeep vehicle because if it bolts or welds onto a Jeep it's here. From axles, lockers, and tires to shovels, tow straps, and winches. I can guarantee that you will find something here that you will drool over and probably end up leaving with something that you didn't know you even needed (like I did.) 
  The vendor show just continues to grow with more vendors who love to support this sport and the Jeep Safari and even after twenty plus years of me coming down here it never ceases to amaze me that an entire industry is showcased so well in just one place.
  After spending three hours at the vendor show we decided to grab a bite to eat and then go find a short trail to do before dinner. In 2013 a new trail was created to honor our boys in blue and was dubbed the Fallen Peace Officer trail. This trail is dedicated to Utah police officers that have died while in the line of duty to honor their service. It is a fourteen mile loop north of town that borders Arches National Park and crosses the Copper Ridge Trail that the Jeep Safari uses. It is mostly dirt trail that passes through washes and throws in a few rocky climbs here and there to keep things interesting. Our six vehicles had no trouble traversing the trail and it was a good trail to introduce a new four wheeling family to the sport. Driving in a stock and fairly new Jeep Liberty off road and with no knowledge of what you're getting into can be stressful but these two handled it like pros. Thanks for joining us on the trail Jay and Linda and welcome to the off road community.
  To make this trail a little more difficult we chose to start late in the afternoon (because the leader thought it was a short trail, my bad) and the sun set by the time we had reached mile ten. The setting sun makes for good photos and a beautiful end to a fun day. The drive lights were turned on and we slowly made our way home in the dark. It's been a long time since we've been on a night run and it turned out to be really fun and I can't wait to do it again.
  Unfortunately I can't share any photos at the moment because the internet at my RV park suuuucks! I will share our photos and videos with you after we return home but for now I shall say goodbye because It's time to go run another trail. See you Monday!



  1. That sounds like a heck of a trip, one that I can't wait to take whenever I get the chance. I've already got the Jeep Liberty like Jay and Linda, now all I need is the time! I hear that Arches National Park is the perfect place for some offroading!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV

    1. The Moab, Utah area has a huge concentration of exciting places to explore. With Arches National Park practically in town and Canyonlands National Park nearby it really is a must visit area. We've been visiting the area for almost thirty years now and it still just as fun as the first time.
      Having your Jeep opens up the areas that you can explore which can take you to breathtaking overlooks of the Colorado River, the town of Moab, and multiple red rock canyons. There are also quite a few petroglyph sites hidden along the trails that I always enjoy taking people to. I would definitely urge you to plan a trip to visit. The best time to visit is during the Spring or late fall to avoid Summer heat. I better stop, I'm starting to sound like a commercial! Thanks for the comment and don't forget to have fun in that Jeep!