Friday, March 18, 2016

Jeep Safari Bound: 5 Tips For Your Trip

  It's here! The 2016 Easter Jeep Safari starts in the morning and if you're reading this I hope you're already in town or at least not driving. That would be bad. We've spent the winter getting our vehicles ready by adding new parts, fixing old parts, and testing these parts in preparation for these nine days. If you own a Jeep vehicle you can't help but be excited (unless you can't attend this year, then you would be sad and I'm sorry.)
  If you've never attended a Jeep Safari before then this article is for you because I'm going to give you five things that you must know for attending the Easter Jeep Safari. If you have attended then you should still read this as a reminder for your trip.

1. Unpredictable Weather-  Moab is known for it's dusty trails and hard, sandstone features known as slick rock. The summers are warm and for the most part dry but the weather can be unpredictable and you should be prepared. Since the Safari is in March I will warn you that you can experience snow, rain or sunshine all in the same day. I'm not joking. You can start the day in a coat and end in a t-shirt. Been there, done that. Bring extra clothes that can be layered or stripped off as the day goes on.

2. Have a CB radio- With 40+ vehicles on each trail it can be somewhat difficult to keep them organized. So how do we do it? Communication. The trail officials and participants talk with one another through CB radios. Each trail is assigned a specific channel and through that channel the trail leader can find out how well the trail is moving and if there are any incidents as the vehicles are scattered across the desert. These communications can be limited but over all a successful way to get information to one another. The best part is you will not only get information on how the trail is going but you will hear stories and area information that keeps things fun and interesting. Trust me the trails are funner when you can hear the group as opposed to just talking to yourself. It surprised me how many people still don't have a CB in their rigs.

3.Long Lines- Okay, Moab in general is a small town. The summer is busy with tourists all year but at no time during the year does Moab get hit harder with people than during Jeep Safari. Here is your warning. There are going to be lines for everything. If you need gas, expect a long line. If you plan to eat out for dinner, long lines. If you need to stop at City Market for food, long lines. Everyone in town has the same needs and usually at the same time so plan ahead. Either allow extra time or if you're sneaky like me you'll get gas late at night or early in the morning before others are out of bed. Also please be patient with the locals. They are welcoming us into their town with open arms and are working hard to serve you all day. Smile and cut them some slack.

4.Food and Water- These trails are day long trips and you will need to bring a lunch. You should make sure that you have an ice cold cooler that will hold enough food and drink for the occupants of your vehicle. Remember that all local laws are in effect and that alcoholic beverages are a no no. Now soda pop may go well with your sandwiches but you still need to be drinking water throughout the day. I will also tell you that some trails can be long and if there are enough breakdowns you can be out on the trail until dark. This is rare but you should have snacks or extra lunch to get you through a long day just in case.

5. Safety is Key-  You and your loved ones will be out in what can be harsh and dangerous conditions. You should be mindful of where you are and where your kiddos are at all times. You will be near shear cliffs overlooking beautiful vistas of the Moab area where one wrong step could mean disaster. Also there are a lot of vehicles moving around on the trails. At obstacles many people like to take the opportunity to take photos but don't get too close. These vehicles can jump in any direction while they attempt to climb obstacles and you don't want to get in there way. Use your zoom and stay clear. It's all pretty much common sense but if you aren't careful you can get into a situation that can cause injuries or worse so please be careful.

  So there you go, five things to help you get through your Jeep Safari. I could have written countless lists on this subject but that wouldn't be fun would it. There are many things you can do to have a good and safe trip and I'm sure they can be found all over the inter webs but these five are the ones I see needing the most attention. I hope to see you out on the trails. Have a safe weekend! Happy jeeping!


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