Tuesday, April 19, 2016

California Dreamin' 2

Hello y'all.  Brandan gets the joy of working nights this week so you get the joy of hearing from me instead.  I promise to return him to you by the next post.  He is definitely the writer in the family and I know my place on the support team.

We love to travel to California so now that we live here I am going to do my best to treat this like one long vacation.  We have a list of places we would like to see while were here and I thought I would share them with you.  So here is our list of top places we would love to see while were on our extended vacation. 

Its like the ultimate car show in one awesome place.  One of the things we're most excited to explore in this beautiful state is the car scene.  This is the cherry on the top of an entire state of car excitement.  April is even Back to the Future month so I guess this will be one of our first stops on the list.  

In the middle of the big city of Los Angeles is a tar pit covered in history.  You can visit here and step back in time.  You can see the excavation sites they are still working on.  Absolute magic!

I'm guessing that a couple of our precious weekend days will be spent here.  This place has so much to offer.   The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is a day of learning in its self. Beyond that there is a historic carousel, an arcade and musical performances.  If that wasn't enough, its the home to the end of the Historic Route 66.  This place looks like loads of fun. 

This historic journey has been on our travel bucket list since before we knew we had a travel bucket list.  We love cars, we love history and we love adventures.  Its also something that we want to get to soon.  Its an old road and time has a way of wearing away at history.  There are parts of the road that are no longer travel worthy due to the ticking of time.  I'm not sure that we will run the entire journey in one trip but we will for sure get the end portion checked off our list.  

We're looking for a home in Valencia Ca so we would be silly to not take advantage of the thrilling adventure right in our own backyard.  This is an annual pass kind of place for sure.  Its an entire park full of ways to twist your stomach and thrill your excitement. 

In 2016, Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town will celebrate its 75th anniversary.  Its the perfect year to get reacquainted with this place. We haven't visited this gem in a long time.  I'm not sure we were even blessed with our little mini me when we last visited.  If she was here then she was a tiny one. I faintly remember chasing a toddler through the park.  Having a teenager and a preteen its been while for sure.  

Stars and science exploding in educational fun!  Visitors to this place can look through their massive telescopes and and visit exhibits.  Here is something unheard of in the area.  This treasure offers free admission and FREE PARKING! I am so excited to visit here. 

I would be fooling myself if I didn't think one of the most exciting things to me on this list would be the magic of Disneyland.  We really love it here.  There is a magic in the air that is indescribable.  Brandan and I have always made an effort to get to Disneyland about once a year and often more than that.  Now we can explore the park and sleep in our own bed that night.  Its a home away from home to me.  

9- The Beach

I didn't pick one because I plan to visit all of them.  From the dog beach for our fur baby Jeep to the beaches where we can put our snorkeling gear to good use, I am going to explore them all.  Brandan isn't the water lover that the kids and I are but we are hoping to get it in his blood and get him addicted too. 

I know that we have missed a million places here.  Its a new area and there will be new adventures around every corner.  I plan to make the most of every moment and fill our memories up with happy family fun.  I cant wait to jump in and explore.  First step is to find a home and explore from there. 


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