Friday, April 22, 2016

Finally Some Relief

  First I need to thank Misty for handling Tuesday's post. I think she covered it quite well. So well in fact that I just may have to put her to work more often. Hey, that's the price of talent, Jack.
  Second, I'm happy to say that we've found a house and if all goes well we should be moving in this weekend. It is a huge relief to have a place that the kids can run and the dog can roam. These last two weeks have been a test of everyone's patience and these four walls have been closing in on us. We hope to travel back to Saratoga Springs in the next couple of weeks to load up our things into a Uhaul so that we can actually be "moved in."
  We've chosen the Santa Clarita Valley as our home away from home. We're away from the big city of Los Angelas but close enough that the commute in to work doesn't take half the day. We might even get to see a few stars in the sky up here. I'll have to check. I know there aren't many in L.A.
  The best part of having a home is that I can get my camera and computer gear here so I can get us back on track traveling and writing some articles. We've talked a bit about the places that we want to visit and now we can get on with it. Thanks for sticking with us through our transition. Based on what I keep hearing from the family I think you can expect an extensive story about Magic Mountain in the very near future.
  Well I hate to keep it short and simple once again but things are a little slow. I'll be back next week with some more interesting things from southern California.


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