Friday, April 15, 2016

Life On The Road

  Wow! What a first week. I explained earlier this week about how we got a little bit of a rough start upon our arrival in California and it's still not great but we're managing it okay. It's been a difficult adjustment and until we find a permanent place to call home I think things are pretty much as good as their going to get. Fine. We'll deal with whatever comes our way.
  There are many options when choosing a temporary place to stay while on the road. A standard hotel room is fine but you can plan on eating out for most of your meals and if you care about how your waist line then this may not be a good option for you. There are hotels with small suites containing kitchennettes allowing you to cook your own meals which allow you to watch what you eat and give you the feeling of home even if it is minute.
  Short term rental apartments or condos are also an option but it's a big commttment. Short term is typically no less than three months so if this is the option you go with, plan on being there awhile. Around here the cost of renting a place is going to be expensive. They expect first and last months rent along with a security deposit which seems to average about $9000 up front so if you're looking for a long term place you'll need $18,000 to go this route. Ouch.
  So what have we done? We chose the extended stay room with a kitchenette. With the cost of food and the need to eat a bit healthier this was an easy choice. We have four of us to feed so it just makes sense for us. They also allow the dog to be here with us so no need for a long time sitter.
  There really is no easy way to make a move like this on such short notice. Housing is going crazy down here and it wasn't possible to find a home in just a few days. You need to be in town and ready to go with all of your credentials and money at the ready. The competition is fierce.
  Having a dog, working long hours and major traffic leaves little time in the evenings to do much. I think we're all starting to feel trapped in our tiny space so we are looking forward to the weekend to get outside for some fresh air. Heck, we need to do something so I have something to write about other than our misfortunes.
  Well that's it for this week. I'll be back on Tuesday with more from California. Have a fun and safe weekend in your adventures.


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