Friday, April 8, 2016

The Fun Five Of Utah

  Well we're now under 48 hours until the big move to California and of course we're buried in boxes and cleaning here at the house. It's crazy how fast things have happened and I'm continually amazed at how much stuff we've managed to accumulate in our 14 years in this house. We are happy to be leaving this house because to be honest we outgrew it ten years ago but it's still bittersweet to be leaving and we in no way ever thought we would be going to California but here we are.
  For my last post from my Utah home for the next couple of years I've decided to list five places (that aren't Moab) that we enjoy visiting. These are in no particular order but have given us an adventure fix when we needed them. Please have a safe weekend and I'll see you on Monday from sunny, southern California!


Thanksgiving Point- Located in Northern Utah county, Thanksgiving Point has multiple activities and buildings to visit. They boast the largest natural history museum in North America (although I'm not sure that still stands true) where you can view the Earth's history through fossils and bones. You will come face to face with the Utah Raptor, a giant turtle, and dueling T-Rex skeleton's. The new curiosity museum has a plethora of activities for the kids to participate in. From making there own stop motion movies, exploring dry desert climates, to climbing what I can only describe as a jungle gym to die for (it's huge!)
  They also are home to one of the finest golf courses in the state along with a small farm exhibit, gardens and they always have something special for Halloween and Christmas. to learn more check out their website

Upper Provo Falls- The Provo River runs down Provo Canyon. It's well known for it's easy access for tubing and fly fishing and the line of cars along the banks each summer speak for it's popularity. But if you trace it to it's source you will be treated to some beautiful water falls. This out of the way spot lends itself to some wonderful photography all year round.

Bryce Canyon National Park- If you've ever visited Utah you may have learned of our pride for our five national parks. Utah is a state full of beauty and I love each park but I have to admit that I really enjoy Bryce Canyon. The unique landscapes and vast colors are striking and make for great photos and hiking opportunities. If you're lucky enough to visit during a rainstorm you will be rewarded with even deeper colors to enjoy. Walt Disney used Bryce as an inspiration for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you should visit and see what inspires in you.

 Bridal Veil Falls- Every state seems to have one and multiple countries do also. Water falls just naturally have a way of resembling the flowing veil of a gushing new bride so it's a common name but that doesn't take away their beauty. We return again to Provo Canyon for these falls and in this case the ease of access is a catch 22. Being just off the road and near Nunn's Park you won't find a Saturday during the summer when there aren't grundles of people around but if you want an easy going, paved "hike" with a big payoff this is your place. If you want more of a challenge you can take the steep hike up the side of  the falls. This gets you off the pavement and it will test your leg strength if that's what you're into.

Timpanogos Cave- We jump north one canyon from Provo into American Fork Canyon. This canyon has access to ATV trails, gold panning and fishing. The crown jewel of the canyon, however, is Timpanogos Cave. A challenging hike up the mountain brings you to the cave entrance where you leave the jagged cliff behind and enter into the center of the mountain. Inside you will witness stalactites and stalagmites the most famous of which is the Great Heart of Timpanogos. The temperatures in the caves are around 45 degrees year round so bring a jacket and the cave is only open from May to September and tickets sell out fast since only 16 people are allowed on a tour at a time so plan accordingly.

For other fun things to do in Utah, visit these links:

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