Friday, April 1, 2016

Well This Is Happening

  Spring is a season of change. The warmth of the sun brings people out of there homes to enjoy the outdoors. Grilled steaks, burgers, and hot dogs fill the air with their enticing aromas while the grasses green and the tulips bloom. Garages will be cleaned and sprinklers will be turned on (and most likely repaired.) These are all things that we look forward to as soon as winter takes them away from us. And like Spring, life tends to mix things up for us as well. Just weeks ago I was looking forward to bringing you coverage of our little adventures from my own "backyard" of Utah. However one of life's curve balls has been thrown at me and while I didn't expect it I did recognize it and will hit it out of the park.
  Next week will be our last week in Utah for about two years. My job is taking us away from our beloved home and we will be relocating to Southern California. On one hand it's sad to leave a place that I've never been away from. There will be a lot of things that I will ache to see and experience as the time passes, my friends, family, and favorite places are the hardest to leave. However, this is a great experience for us to bring you, my readers, new and amazing adventures that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do. I look forward to exploring what is to me the unknown and undiscovered. I've spent all of my life in Utah and to be honest I never really thought I would go anyplace else. But I think anyone can do something for two years. Right?
  Yes I'm already looking forward to the day I return but I'm excited for the adventures in between and I'm excited to bring them to you. Our plans for Yellowstone and the Rubicon trip are still a go and I will still be spending time in Utah but for the most part it will all be from California. It may be a little touristy at first as I hit the popular tourist attractions but it's the local and not as well known places that I can't wait for. You know, the places only the locals go. Those will be the articles I think you'll enjoy the most.
  Well that's it for this week. Things are really crazy here with the move but I'm still committed to bringing you articles during our transition. Thank you all that keep coming here week after week and thank you to the people that you have referred. Please stay tuned because things are about to get wild. See you next week. Get out there and find adventure this weekend!

  P.S.  I know what today is but this really isn't a joke. I even attached this cheesy photo of me with a box to prove it (or at least prove I have a box.)


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