Tuesday, April 5, 2016

With Spring Comes Greens

  Spring has sprung in Utah. That means that one day you get sunshine and warm weather and the next day you get snow and cold temperatures. It's just the way things work here. Either way for some of us the middle of March brings a certain draw to the outdoors, a yearning for fresh cut grass, and a need to rotate our cleats. Yep this post is about golf.
  With the Jeep Safari being in March and with our move to California in the forefront of our minds, golf has taken a back seat this year. For me that's pretty sad because I really love the game but until two days ago when I was packing my clubs up for the move, I really hadn't thought about it. But the weather has been great for it.
  Utah has some great golf courses. St. George is probably the most well known golf destination because it's the only place in the state that you can golf year round. I live in northern Utah though and even though we need to wait until March or April to play there are still some stellar courses to play up here.
  What I have never done however, is travel golf. I have a small group of friends that play the game and unfortunately we've never attempted to golf while on vacation. We have a wish list of course like St. Andrews (but a few of us don't like to fly so that will be difficult) and Pebble Beach but it's mostly just 19th hole wishful thinking but I'm now getting an opportunity to live pretty close to some of these courses and I'm excited about the prospect. The down side is that my friends aren't going to be there with me which means I'll have to find some substitute friends to fill in for awhile.
  There are a plethora of courses scattered across the world that are known for either beauty or history and some have both and if you and your significant other (or travel companions) like to golf then why not pack the clubs with your suitcase and head out on vacation?  I myself would find that very relaxing. Yes I do relax while playing golf even though my frustration levels are always high (because I slice the driver almost every time.) I love the sounds and smells of being on the course to me it's a great relief. Just shut off the phone and ignore the world for a few hours. Heck, isn't that why we go on vacation? I suppose just golfing at home is a little mini vacation if you think about it (unless you're golfing with coworkers, then it's playing at work and that's not okay. Just kidding it's fine.)
  Well we're still trying to get packed up so I'll keep this short. Below I've placed some links to a few of the courses in Utah that I like to visit so if you're in the neighborhood you should hit them up. See you on Friday for our last post from Utah!






The author (right) and his goofy brother (left.) Maybe both are goofy.

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