Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day: Not Just A Day Off

  Graduation celebrations are popping up around every corner. Flowers have bloomed and you've turned on the sprinkling system and replaced one or two that didn't survive the winter freeze. The temperatures are climbing the thermometer and we've already been treated to some awesome blockbuster films. With all of this going on you may haven't allowed the thoughts of cabin fever to creep inside your mind but its there. It's been there for weeks. Your work has started to suffer and you've been day dreaming of being somewhere else while your spouse has been telling you about how bad their days have been. Everyone seems stressed and all you want is a break. Well that's when Memorial Day weekend sneaks in and relieves you.
  It's referred to as the unofficial start of summer. It's a weekend that many of us look forward to because we plan camping trips and barbecues with family and friends. We get to be outside and enjoy the company of those that we want to be with. But with all of the fun it's easy to forget why this holiday exists. Deep down we know the reason but we allow it to be overshadowed by all the fun we choose to have. I guess maybe we do remember but we choose not to talk about it. Maybe I just hang with a different crowd. I admit that it's been many a year since someone in my family has been in the military and as far as I know the ones that have managed to get through their conflicts in one piece. But just because I didn't serve doesn't mean I don't understand the meaning of Memorial Day.
  Memorial Day was created after the American Civil War when two competing days of remembrance, one for the Union and one for the Confederates, were combined to create one day that would celebrate all lives lost in defense of their country. If you find yourself needed a few minutes to kill I would suggest looking into to the origins of Memorial Day. It's full of interesting stories of conflict and differing opinions of where it originated. I'm a sucker for a mystery, you know. But I think it's a good thing to know how the holiday came about and it should be passed on to our kids so that they know it and they don't have to go to Google to learn about it.
  I love having the opportunity to spend time with my family and friends. I love to explore this country's nooks and crannies and having the freedom to do so came not from me but from those who came before me who fought, served and died for the country they loved. Although I didn't know you I will think of you each time I see Old Glory dancing in the breeze. We here at Route To Adventure are forever grateful for your sacrifice.
  Hope you had a good Memorial Day folks. See us again on Friday for a story from our holiday weekend. See you then.


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