Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Planning the Most Fun of Runs.

TSometimes the fun of adventure is the planning of the adventure. I am beyond excited to plan this next fun excursion.  I am a runner of sorts.  I am not the kind of runner that runs because I love it.  I am the kind of runner that runs because I love what it does to my body.  I am the kind of runner that loves the organized races for the excitement and people watching.  I am the kind of runner that has been begging my sweet hubby to be my running buddy.  It may be time to buy that lottery ticket guys.  My one in a million chance has arrived and Brandan agreed to run the RunDisney Star Wars 10K.

I wish I could find the pictures.  It was one of my funnest memories.  My first half marathon was with my mother.  We dressed as matching Oompa Loompas.  We even won a prize for best dressed team.  We were cheered on to the stage where we did our best impression dance while people cheered.  Pure magic in the air. If there is a chance to dress in costume and have a blast I'm all over it.  To me the outfits are half the fun of the run.

My second half marathon was RunDisneys inaugural Tinkerbell half marathon.  Of course I dressed as Tinkerbell.  That was a no brainier right? And again no pictures.  Sorry guys.  Ill get better I promise. This race was when I learned how a race should actually be.  Disney has this figured out.  About mile 6 of the 13 I would run that day I got injured.  I limped and cried through the last half but the whole way there was an energy lifting me through.  I finished the race just in time and as I crossed the finish line I could hear the crowd yelling my name.  Did you catch that?  They were yelling MY name.  The park wasn't yet open for the day.  The finish line was lined with Disney employees getting ready to start their work day and as people crossed the finish line they would see their name on the sign and cheer them on.  I couldn't run for about a year after that race and I haven't been able to do an even since then, but I will never forget how great that race was.

Here we are.  I am ready to run again.  I am ready for an event to add to my memories.  Our fun little family of four will be training to run our first 10k together.  Will there be costumes? For sure!  I haven't got them planned yet but there will be a Star Wars theme family photo coming soon.  Brandan is the photographer in our family and he will make sure of that.

Anyway, exciting news right? A trip to Disneyland, a fun family run, a lot of training adventures and Star Wars costumes for this years family photo.  I know what you are all thinking.  I should be either Yoda or an Ewok.  I've thought that too.  ;).  Should Brandan be Chewy?  The possibilities are endless here guys! I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us!

Live your life so that you have memories instead of dreams!


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