Friday, May 13, 2016

What's The Rush?

  It has now been just over one month since our relocation to Southern California. We've finally gotten our furniture moved down and the mind numbing task of unloading boxes has begun. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that most people would think we were crazy to come down here and live for a month out of hotels and then an empty house. Most instances I would agree. But it takes patience to make the proper moves when executing a plan, especially when plans are rushed and not really well thought out (oops.) However, from what I've seen here in Los Angeles this craziness we're living may be more common than I expected.
  I grew up in a quiet town south of Salt Lake City. To me Salt Lake was the big city for most of my life. All of our big events happen their. We have conventions, baseball and a professional basketball team.  We have light rail trains running through our streets, but only since 2001. Our traffic has grown exponentially for the last ten years, houses are being built at a disgusting rate and crime also continues to grow. Looking at that list you would think we might be be time. Boy was I wrong.
  I'm not going to compare Salt Lake to L.A. because it's not the same. Nor am I so naive to think that the two cities would even resemble each other. But the thing that has surprised me the most is how much of a hurry everyone seems to be in and how it seems to have sucked the patience right out of people . I'm not sure if it's just that people are under so much pressure here to perform or whether it is the horrible traffic that causes it. Whatever it is, it's sad. I have never heard so many car horns used in one place in my life. Car horns should be the official sound of L.A. Traffic lights haven't even changed to green before someone is honking at you for being in their way and heaven forbid you wait for pedestrians to clear an intersection before making a turn -hooonk! What the heck? My favorite move by far is what I've started to call the stiff arm. You know the one, roll down the window and place your arm straight out, indicating that you are moving over while at the same time cranking the wheel left without checking whether there is room or not. It's really neat to see this move in action I promise. I wonder if their would be fewer accidents around here if people would stop to think about each other a little bit more than they think of themselves?
  The quirks that each city has is what makes them unique and I wouldn't want to change them for the world. If people didn't like the craziness then they wouldn't be here I suppose. Los Angeles, you may seem strange to a guy from small town Utah but you are who you are and that's good enough. Just don't ask me to like it. I'll be gone soon enough so I'll just have to exercise that patience thing I referred to earlier. Until our next adventure, farewell and have a fun, safe, and relaxing weekend wherever you may visit.


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