Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's An Oddity, Charlie Brown

  We've managed to do it again. We have already come across yet another roadside oddity in a small town called Littlerock, California. Sadly this one had to be pointed out to me because although I've passed multiple times (it's only 45 minutes from the house) I pass it when I'm in a hurry to get to Valencia or as we're rushing to get home to Salt Lake. It was only a flash in my side vision each time. Luckily someone I know that wasn't in such a hurry happened to stop in to check it out. After hearing their story I knew we had to go for ourselves.
  Charlie Brown Farms got it's start as a fruit stand way back in 1929 and over the years has grown into a six acre complex. Here you can find countless goodies to fill your basket with. Whether it's one of their 1000 varieties of candy, vintage toys, old fashioned soda pop, or jerky (over 60 different types) you'll find something for everyone at this place. I'm betting you'll be hard pressed to not buy a little something here on your visit.
  There are three buildings overflowing with merchandise to look through but keep in mind each building is full of stuff so watch your step and mind your kiddies and hope your lucky enough to be there at a slow time. We spent a lot of time trying to be skinny as we passed by other people and saying "excuse me" soon turns into a smile and a nod because after five minutes it feels like you've overused the term to the point no one cares but that's part of the charm of this place.

  Do you like honey? Maybe you fancy some Maple syrup? They have it here on tap. Pick your poison and fill up a container you won't regret it, I've been eating honey for lunch for a week now because it's so good. If salad dressings or sauerkraut is your thing they have that too. If none of that tempts you then how about funnel cakes, fresh fudge, or Texas BBQ. Yes BBQ. We were there for lunch so naturally we chose to eat here. I've been on a tri-tip kick lately and I kept the streak alive here. I am a little sad I didn't go for an Ostrich burger and I can't believe I passed on a Bison burger. I never do that. Just trust me that there is something for everyone in this place and you have to see it to believe it.
  So if you ever find yourself looking for something a little different and you happen to be traveling through a little place called Littlerock, stop in and stretch your legs. You can't miss it. It's the building with the Velociraptor standing out front. If your into that sort of thing make sure you walk through the back area with all the life size statues and stuff. Crazy fun. Charlie Brown Farm's is a neat little place that is definitely worth seeing at least once but considering how close it is to my place here in California and that I have to pass it on the way home to Utah, you can bet you'll find me in there again soon.
  See you Friday!


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