Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Story Of Water

  I've seen museums about ancient people, animals and cities. I've seen airplanes, dinosaurs and even rocks. This, however, is the first time that I've come across a museum about water. What can possibly be interesting about water? Well the folks at Vista del Lago Water Museum will gladly tell you a very interesting story.
  Water is the world's most precious resource. Life to our knowledge cannot survive without it and with a state as large and populated as California there needs to be a lot of it to keep things rolling. The current drought situation is wreaking havoc throughout the state and there aren't a lot of green lawns around here. Now some of you may be asking what California's drought has to do with you. Well you need to remember that a lot of the food you purchase from your local grocer and consume each day probably came from California.
  Okay so all that comes into play at this museum. Here the story of how they get water spread out through the state for farmers' crops and the over 38 million people that live here.
  Displays walk you through the massive feat undertaken to create the California Aqueduct which helps move water from Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (SSJD) to the necessary areas of the state. I would have a very hard time explaining this and making it sound interesting but if you're a construction person it's pretty cool. Any job you have to build custom machinery built to accomplish your objective is pretty cool. Other displays tell you about water conservation, history of the area, and the dreaded topic of the drought. I think the best part was on our way out they gave us a shower timer to help remind us to keep our showers to five minutes. I kind of thought this was funny but in actuality we had already implemented that plan when we moved here.
  Vista del Lago sits above Pyramid Lake, the deepest lake along the California Water Project system.and is just off of I-5 and at the northwest border of Los Angeles County. The wrap around porch allows for great pictures of the lake and if you're into water sports make sure you bring your boat for some summer recreation. The museum is free of charge so there really is no excuse to not stop in and see what it's all about. It really is way more interesting than I thought it would be.
  Well I'm still scrambling to get ready for our next adventure to Yellowstone National Park, which we'll be covering in the coming weeks so I'll keep it short and sweet this week so we can all get to our holiday weekend. Please be careful. Have fun and of course, don't burn down the house with the fireworks. See you Tuesday!


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