Friday, July 29, 2016

Good Eats at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Are we doing another food post? We are. We all need to fuel up between play stops.  Today we want to tell you all about the food we have discovered exploring Six Flags Magic Mountain and our best tips to getting it in.

As annual pass holders to Six Flags it made so much sense to get the Dining Pass.  You pay once and eat for the whole year.  You have a pretty good selection of Choices to choose from too.  While your at it you should get the Season Drink Bottles as well. Keep in mind that all of these expire at the end of the year.  You will still have your awesome drink bottle for memories but they will only fill it with water next season. We mark our cups with a little bit of ribbon to keep them easy to find in the park.  With out the passes the food is still relatively affordable for an amusement park.  Many of the dishes are huge.

My first tip is to not eat a huge meal then ride a roller coaster. It might be that I'm not 18 anymore or that this is just plain old logic.   I dread even feeling slightly ill on a roller coaster.  I do not want to be part of the worst memory ever for the family sitting behind me on the Goliath. I like to eat small and spread it out.  We tend to get snacks or meals and often share them or eat big when were done at the park for the day.

We love the boneless wings from High Octane Wings.  This place is located across the path from Full Throttle.  Full Throttle is an extreme ride and surrounded with extreme noise.  Its defiantely worth eating here but don't plan on having any meaningful conversations.  Pictured above are our top flavor choices in sauce.  We enjoy the Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Orange and occasionally the BBQ though its not always on the list. I love it when the Lemon Pepper drips on to my fries and makes them extra flavored as well.  Yum!

If you are a BBQ lover then you want to run up to JB's Smokehouse BBQ.  We get the Tri Tip sandwich or the Pulled Pork sandwich both served with a huge handful of fresh made kettle chips.  The Chicken sandwich is okay too but were listing our favorites and it didn't quite make the cut.

Food Ect, has something for everyone.  We love to get a snack of chips and salsa when were not quite ready to fill up.  They also have pretty good Fish and Chips but they take a long time to cook up so we usually pass on them and get back to having fun.  There is also a Frozen Delight corner here that serves up Disneyland Famous Dole Whips and Dippin Dots.  Im still a bit bitter about Dole Whips branching out past their home in the Tiki Hut but that is a whole other story.

If you are looking for a snack there are little carts scattered through out that serve the normal park options but our choices here are the Churros or the Choco Tacos.

Did you know that there was an actual Johnny Rockets in the park? The menu is complete with the Rocket Single meal that comes with a cheeseburger, fries and onion rings or if you are looking for something sweet get one of their classic milkshakes.  Either way I was excited to see a familiiar place behind the gates.

Last but not least is Chopsix.  This is our number one stop at the park.  One meal can feed the three of us or two to feed the four of us.  The portions are huge!  If you arent doing a dining pass and want to keep your costs down, share a meal here.  It was hot and the lines were long so I forgot to get a picture but we did get a bit of video and I will post that below.  We like to get the Orange Chicken meal or the Orange Chicken and Teriyaki meal.  Both are served with both rice and chow mein and a fortune cookie to chase it down.

In the back of the park hidden by Apocalypse sits a hidden treasure.  Most of the time we've been to the park this gem hasn't been open.  Its kinda like winning the lottery.  We hit it big and got ourselves a Like it Sized Sweet Cream, Peanut Butter Perfection and Strawberry Blonde.  To be honest it was hot and I wore about a third of what made it into my mouth.  I should really we a bib if I'm going to eat ice cream in the heat.

This post wouldn't be complete with out a plug for their souvenir cups.  I think we have already established that I love my soda.  Its like a calorie hug and I really might be addicted.  I know its not good for my body but its so good for my soul.  There are lots of bad habits I can work on before I break up with this one.  We each have a blue soda cup.  We get free refills all season long.  They change their cups every year so as long as you have the one with the current year sticker on it, they will fill it up with no hassle.  On 110 degree days a Powerade or Diet Coke feel like magic.  The math works out pretty good too.  One cup is $23 but three cups are $20 a piece.  Its $4.79 for a large soda.  If you get the cup you have made up its value on your 4th soda.  Thats two trips for us if we only do a half day.  The pink cups are free refills for that day and $.99 for the rest of the year.  They cost between $16 and $13 to buy.  Most any place that has food will have these cups available as well. Keep in mind that Magic Mountain wont let you take these on most of the rides there but they do offer places to leave them while you ride.  You really want to make yours a little different then the ten others it will be sitting by.  A piece of ribbon, a magic marker or a piece of tape will help pick yours out of the lineup simple and fast.

Of course we made a video to go along with our adventures.  Its a fast watch and you can see the foods we are eating.  Check it out and plan out what you can eat before you get there.

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