Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Wizarding Windows of Harry Potter

In Universal Studios Hollywood there is magic.  Hidden in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are windows.  Not just any windows though, these windows are magical and you can be part of that magic.  In the stores selling wands from the movie you have two options.  You can buy a replica wand for $39.95 and pretend that you are part of the magic or for a small bump in price to $47.95 you can buy an interactive wand. Yes, interactive.  You can be part of the magic in eleven awesome windows hidden throughout the magical land.  

When you buy an interactive wand you get a map to the magic complete with the spell instructions.  The spells are simple.  Find the spot on the ground.  It is marked with the spell as well of you don't have a map handy. Say the words, move the wand in the right pattern and hope that you have magic running through you. 

Some of the windows are hard to see so we've created a cheat sheet so you know what you are looking for. 

1.  Honeydukes- Revelio
A chocolate frog peeks out of his box to croak a hello.

2.  Three Broomsticks- Incendio
In the window the lanterns glow with magic.

3.  Dogweed and Deathcap- Herbivicus
A purple flower blooms right before your eyes.

4.  Madam Puddifoot's- Locamotor Plates and Arresto Momentum 
This is a two part spell.  With Locamotor Plates you can make the plates of pastries spin.  With Arresto Momentum you can stop the spinning.

5.  Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop- Finite Incantatem
This is one of the hardest to see.  There is a quill quickly and loudly quilling away. You can stop the quill in its tracks and stand it upright perfectly still for a moment.  The noise stops as well.

6.  Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment- Alohomora
There is a chest locked up tight.  With this magic you can open it without the key.

7.  Gladrag's Wizarding Wear- Descendio and Ascendio
In the window you see a dress.  With these two spells you can move the measuring tape up and down.

8.  Dervish and Banges- Locomotor Music Box
This might be my favorite. Its a relativly quiet corner in the park.  There sits a beautiful music box.  When you cast the spell the music box will move and play for you.

9.  Spintwiches- Wingardium Leviosa
This store sells quidditch supplies.  With this spell you can activate the magic and make the quaffle move excitedly in its box between two bludgers.

10.  Ceridwen's Cauldrons- Silencio
This magic is for the ears.  When you cast this spell the cauldron keeps bubbling away but the sound stops.

11.  Dominic Maestros- Ventus
In the window you can toss the music pages all about like musical confetti.  It really is quite satisfying to see them all fly.

There is always a line for these windows.  Its so fun to step back into the magical world and be part of it all.  Get here early for your best bet at trying all of them with out a wait.  We like to break it up with a ride or two between the bunch. 

Universal Studios is one of our favorite places but the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has pushed it over for us.  We love love love it.  This time we tried the ride that makes everyone sick and it was so smooth.  It didn't smell like vomit at all and the trash cans weren't lining the exits.  I'm not sure what they did but just like magic they fixed it.  

Here is our video of with magical windows. Which one is your favorite? 

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Thank you for being a part of our memories. 

{hugs} Misty



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