Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Bugs Land in Disney's California Adventure Park

Disney passes are not an easy purchase.  The cost keeps going up and I always hear people say that they are getting so expensive that people cant go any more.  Tell that to all the people that made the line to Radiator Springs Racers 75 minutes long.  The fact is that Disney has magic and there are a lot of people willing to pay for the chance to be part of it.  We are those people for now.  A day pass to one park on a value day can be as cheap as $95 or hop between the parks for $155.  If you live in SoCal you can get a locals  annual pass for $329 but don't plan on seeing any holidays or weekends.  The deluxe pass is $599 and only blocks holidays and peak days.  The passes go up from there.  Its easy to see how it can add up really fast for a family.  Here you can learn more about each pass and what perks they offer.  With Brandan working so hard all week we went for the Deluxe pass that has a lot of great Saturdays we can attend. I opted to get the Premium pass for myself because it includes parking which can add up fast and slightly better discounts on food and merchandise.  I am a penny counter and this made sense for us.

I feel like when I describe anything Disney I use the word magic a million times.  Although I may over use it the word fits and I am probably going to beat it to death in this post here.  Disney magic has always been a favorite of mine.  From the Electric Light Parade to the Enchanted Tiki Room the place bursts with adventures fun for everyone.  Now that we live near enough to make a day out of it I'm positive we will be able to show you all the little gems we love about the Happiest Place on Earth.

Today I want to focus on the magic of Bugs Land in Disneyland's California Adventure Park.  When you step through the gates you are shrunk down to bug size for some big sized fun.  Beyond being in a land where every detail is immersed in shrunken fun there are five attractions you can explore too.

Right after you walk through the gates you can step into the theater to become an honorary bug for a moment.  With bug eye glasses you will be pulled into the 4D experience of It's Tough to be a Bug to see the world through their eyes.  This show can be scary for little ones.  With spraying acid, big cans of bug spray, falling spiders and little bugs scurrying by your seats it can be a little intense.  You might want to sit the littlest of bugs on your lap but for sure don't miss the show.

After you see the world from the eyes of a bug you can continue on to Flik's Fun Fair.  Flik has created a fair just for us and its a blast.  He has brought us attractions like Flik's Flyers, Francis' Ladybug Boogie, Princess Dots Puddle Park, Tuck and Roll's Drive em Buggies and our favorite Heimlich's Chew Chew Train.  While you wait between adventures you can sit on benches made of Popsicle sticks that fit you perfectly.  Every ride here is geared toward our littler friends so the bumper cars (Tuck and Roll's Drive em' Buggies) are slower and not aggressive and the spinning ride (Francis' Ladybug Boogie) similar to the Teacups ride on the other side of the park is not as stomach wrenching.

Here is a quick trip video sneak peek of A Bugs Land.

And here is the entire ride of our favorite Bugs Land attractions, Heimlich's Chew Chew Train.

Thank you so much for following our fun.

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