Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Universal CityWalk and It'Sugar.

 This week we went back to one of our most loved places in SoCal, Universal Studios Hollywood. We're getting excited for the upcoming Halloween season and the parks are buzzing with news of their individual fall attractions.  I'm guessing there will be a lot of scares coming in the next little while here on our blog.  From the terrifying Halloween Horror Nights at Universal to the tame Mickeys Halloween Party at Disneyland, we are going to have lots of choices for Halloween fun.  We are counting down the days but for now were still in full summer fun mode. 

One of the things we haven't explored nearly enough is the Universal CityWalk.  If you park in general parking you will exit the parking garage into this huge mall.  Its not just a mall though, its an experience.  King Kong hangs off the buildings and the walk features stores like Universal Studio Store where you can get the park swag without the need to enter the park. You can eat in a sit down restaurant like the Wolfgang Puck Bistro or snag yourself a Smashburger to go.  You can catch a movie at the AMC or try your luck at indoor skydiving at iFly. Maybe you need some new flip flops from the Flip Flop Shop or maybe you are more of a sock lover which you can pick up at Los Angeles Sock Market to cover those toes. 

One of the experiences we had this week was in the biggest candy store I have ever been lucky enough to visit.  It'Sugar is a candy store with every candy you can imagine and some you can't.  The sizes were amazing.  I'm pretty sure the suckers alone were considered a life time supply.  If you are looking to wear your favorite candy themed shirts or sleep on a pillow look alike of your favorite sweet treats or get yourself a sweet stuffed animal you can find those treasures here too. 

You can buy Butterscotch Beer from the famous Flying Cauldron here.  I'm not sure if this is the same stuff as the Butter Beer they serve in the parks but it looks double yum.  These would be fun to buy and keep as Halloween decorations after the soda was consumed.  The Harry Potter geek in me thinks these will be a fun addition to our Halloween party this year. 

Faith loved the bulk sections.  This was her by the giant jaw breaker sections.  She said they have a size for all of us.  From a giant one the size of a grapefruit for those of us with big mouths to tiny sized ones you can pop like mints.  I'm not sure which one of us she thinks has a mouth the size of a grapefruit and to be honest I'm afraid to ask just in case she thinks it's me.  The other bins had every kind of sour candy you could ever imagine.  FYI the sour cola bottle gummy candies were not a hit with us here and I am a big fan of Diet Coke. They had walls full of flavored jelly beans and box after box of the Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans.  I once got a vomit flavored bean and I don't think I can ever play that candy roulette game ever again.  Its just not worth it. 

The store had us in awe at every turn.  Even if you aren't a candy lover this store will give you giggles.  The kids cant wait to go back to pick a new treat they have never tried before. 

Of course we made a quick video to show the fun.  We put it out on our Facebook page yesterday, but if you didn't see it there you can catch it here. 

Thank you for being a part of our adventures.  Until next time...

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