Friday, October 7, 2016

The Ghosts of Calico

Calico's Main Street
  It seems that just about every ghost town has there very own tales of lingering spirits and Calico, California is no different. We have visited Calico on two occasions now since 2010 and I've found that they were a lot more open to advertising their ghost stories on our visit back in January of this year. I'm not sure if you still can but I do remember there being ghost "tours" available and had we had more time to spend there that day I may have taken them up on that offer but there's always next time I suppose. So who's energy is still hanging around Calico? Well let's get into it.
  On occasion you come across a place that you just can't get enough of. Maybe you make it a repeat travel destination. Maybe you move there. Who knows? This may be what it was like for Lucy Lane. She had lived near Calico with her family when she was young and in her late teens she married John Robert Lane and for a short time had a successful general store in town until Calico's decline. They moved away when the mines dried up but they wouldn't be gone for long. John would pass away in 1934 but Lucy would remain in Calico for another 33 years when she finally passed at the age of 93.
  Her spirit is known to roam the area around the general store and the home she had lived in. So if you're in town and you see a woman wondering the streets in a long, black, period dress I would suggest just smiling and saying hello. No need to be rude. You can hear more stories from the employees in the old general store where footsteps and strange noises are quite common.
Calico School House
  The school house is one of my favorite buildings in Calico. I'm not sure why exactly, it just is. Here it's not uncommon for witness to see former school teachers still preparing for class as well as a young girl who will appear in the window, curious of what's happening outside. I would also advise you to keep your cool if you experience tugging on your pant legs or maybe a pinch. That may just be another ghostly child just begging for some attention.
  Spirits seem to be hanging out all over town as if they had never passed on. This place must have been an interesting place to be in it's prime if it's still good enough to hang out in during the afterlife. Sounds of cheering and laughter can be heard coming from the barn, the former host of dancing and town gatherings. The town's former peace keeper known as Tumbleweed Harris still roams main street and other buildings. He is known for his large white beard.
  The more I've looked into this little town the more stories I find. The mines are rumored to be haunted. The streets are haunted and of course multiple buildings seem to have claims of the paranormal. It makes this sleepy little tourist trap even more interesting and I may have to try to make a little more time (like overnight) to take a more in depth look at the town's history. If you're interested in visiting Calico it is located on Ghost Town Road, 19 miles northeast of Barstow, California. It's just a few miles off of I-15 so if you need to stretch you might as well check this place out. Just make sure you don't upset old Tumbleweed. Unless you're looking for a night behind bars that is.


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