Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Day Free of Crowds at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The worst part of any theme park adventure is the crowds.  The cost usually comes in as a close second though.  The third has got to be touching handrails a million people have had to touch and where ever their hands have been.  That is my top three list and I am sticking to it.  You really cant do a lot about it but once in a while you hit a golden day.  A day where the crowds are away, you get a great discount, the sticky handrails are few and the park is buzzing with fun things for you to do.  This day was one of those days. 

Twisted Colossus is one of the most popular rides here at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Its so worth it too.  Two tracks side by side on a wooden frame unlike any other.  This is the only wooden roller coaster I've ever been on that flips you upside down multiple times.  And just when you think its all done swoosh you are off to a second loop around the track.  If you can time it right, and they try to as often as they can, you can race the car in the other track.  Its a shock to be that close to another car while you take turns twisting upside down above each other.  Really if you only do one ride ever at the park this should be your one ride.  And wait the wait.  Its worth it.  Its even more worth it if its only five minutes though.  If its only five minutes ride it a few times. 


It was our first year at Six Flags Magic Mountain Home School Family Day.  Our annual passes didn't get us in so I almost skipped it.  We have been here a few times this year and I couldn't imagine one more being all that special. We needed a little pick up after saying goodbye to our fur baby Jeep so we packed a week full of parks and fun. We are so glad we came to the park this day. 

 Lets be completely honest here.  Crowds are not the reason we home school but crowds are definitely a huge perk to the option.  We have been to Magic Mountain a few times this year and the crowds weren't that bad.  I can handle a 30 minute wait when I'm hanging out with my adventure buddies.  We can usually go and get a few rides in, get lunch and go back home to finish the day.  One this day we rode everything we wanted and more.  The amazing crew at the customer service desk even helped us to upgrade our day passes to passes for next year so we felt like it was a great value too.  It worked out beautifully.  If you go to the park for the day and you love it, talk to customer service.  Often they will let you use what you paid for that days pass to go toward an annual or season pass.  Basically we paid for two days and get a whole year. 

I mentioned there were no crowds right? Seriously, it was magical.  As I looked into it a little bit more there are other parks that do it as well.  For example November 11th is the date set for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's annual Home School Day.  I wondered for a moment if it was worth the five hour drive to go but I think we will wait until we have a weekend to spend. Getting tickets was pretty easy.  Just go to the event page and click the tab for special group and educational events. Find the home school day and buy your passes.  There were a lot of families there supporting their favorite home school friends.  There is no place that asked you for proof of home schooling so I feel like you could get a great day celebrating your favorite home school family even if you aren't one your self (My opinion, not theirs).  Need a favorite?  Choose us.  We are always up for a great adventure.

I feel like I might of let the cat out of the bag here.  If you go next year and the place is packed, I'm sorry.  Take your favorite adventure buddy and spend some time in a line with your phone down and have a face to face conversation.  The real world really is a pretty cool place.

We had a blast, like we always do.  I truly believe that the adventure is all depending on the attitude you take on it.  We are thankful we have the freedoms we do and can take adventures like this.  We are thankful for our friends and family who go on these adventures with us either in person or here on our blog.  We are thankful for our memories and each day we are given to make new ones.  Happy November everyone.  What are you thankful for? Low crowd days for sure.

{Hugs} Misty

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