Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Gifts That Promote Travel

  Christmas has come and gone and now we're all looking forward to the new year. I'm sure some of you got exactly what you wanted under your tree while some of you didn't but that's okay because it's the thought that counts. At least that's what I'm told anyway.
  When it comes to what the children want I would go out on a limb and say that a common gift requests parents hear about from children have something to do with some type of electronic device. "Mom, I want an... insert apple device of your choice here." Or, "Santa I want a video game." I'm sure you get the picture. Well it's been no different around our house this year and to the kids' surprise we refused to give them electronic devices this year. No we decided that we needed to cut the cords and get a little more exercise into our daily lives. We wanted our best gift to not only get them off the couch and out of the house but we wanted it to fit in with some of out travel as well. So what was this magical gift? Golf clubs.
  Yes golf clubs. It's a game that I love and have wanted to share with them for years and it seems now is the time to finally do it. But what does golf have to do with travel? Well if you're a golfer you already know the answer but for those of you that aren't here is my opinion. Golf courses have been nestled into some of the most beautiful sites the world had to offer. Think of Pebble Beach in California, Augusta National, Georgia, Royal Birkdale, England or almost anywhere in Hawaii. Yes friend, golf travel is a thing and I'm going to introduce it to the family. 
  It will take some time to get them ready (and me for that matter) because as anyone that's taken a swing will know, golf isn't easy. It is however extremely fun and there is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning as you walk through some of the most picturesque vistas around. I have visited some great courses with awesome scenery and it would be criminal not to share those locations with my family. 
  Yes it's wishful thinking that my children will love the game of golf as much as I do but it's important for me to at least introduce them to the game now because I wish I had started playing earlier in life. Either way I'm going to continue to dream about visiting golf courses across America and Scotland with friends and family. By the way, with all the practice I'll be getting with the kids it will make it easy for me to make sure the boys in my "grown up" foursome will have to work a little harder in 2017 to beat me. Heh, heh, heh. See you on Friday, folks.


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