Friday, December 9, 2016

Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Christmas season is here!  The lights, the sounds and the excitement bursting though the air.  Kids are rewriting their lists and making sure we know what they want to see under the tree.  Families are planning parties and sending cards.  There is music in the air every place you go.  This entire month is bursting with joy and I love it.  

This post is going to give you a small sneak peak at Thanksgiving Points Luminaria  and I will probably ramble on about sappy things holiday related.  I'm feeling the spirit and all the feels that go along with it.  At Thanksgiving Point they do things big.  The Museum of Ancient Life has one of the largest displays of mounted dinosaurs in the world.  If they do dinosaurs like that you can expect everything else to be done as grand as well.  

Luminaria is a walk through light display that will leave you in awe.  Its a mile walk through lights, hot cocoa and fire pits to warm your hands or roast a marshmallow for a s'more.  Tickets are about $20 a person so it can add up for a family.  Members get a discount and also people with groups of 20 or more.  If you really want an experience you can spend $149 and get the Weekender Package that includes a hotel room, a bottomless cup of cocoa and some other swag to remember your visit. 

The Grand Allee has 8000 lights covering the hill.  Each one making a tiny piece of a big picture.  The tree they decorated is 120 feel tall.  Each are only a small piece of what they have to show.  Music is in the air as you walk from experience to experience.  Its impossible not to crack a smile as you look at what they have done to deck these halls. 

Thanksgiving Point was a ten minute drive from our home in Saratoga Springs, Utah.  When we were ready to see something besides the walls of our house we could pop over and be amazed.  Its not as easy today now that we are 660 miles from the place.  These pictures were sent to us by my parents Steve and Teressa Rich who are great at helping us keep up on our home state loves.  They snapped these pictures with their cell phones as they walked through.  Enjoy these like we have and next year we can all plan to walk through together.  

I love that we all carry these little super computers in our pockets so that we can snap pictures and send them to our loved ones.  Snap a picture today and send it to someone you care about. Its easy to forget how blessed we really are. 

What are the cant miss Christmas destinations near you?  We would love to hear about them.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and make the most of your moments.  

🎔 Misty

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