Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Adventures in Cabela's Lehi Utah Store.

What does home mean to you?  To me home is where my people are.  When we are looking for a place to set up a house it is always about making it the best place for you and your people.  Utah is one of our homes and it always will be.  We planned a fun filled weekend in snow kissed Utah but reality had different plans for us.  We were derailed by a little bit of a cough and the desire to not share it too much so we spent a lot of time watching movies.  Jurassic Park movies to be exact.  All four Jurassic Park movies really.  We ate good food and relaxed a lot.  We did sneak out to one of our most favorite stores while we were in town though.  Cabela's is a home away from home for us.

Located in Lehi, Utah on 2502 Cabelas Blvd sits a massive 150,000 sqft outdoor lovers paradise.  From an awesome walk through aquarium to a shooting gallery everyone in your family will love this place.  You can buy hunting, camping or exploring equipment from outdoor loving staff that can help you make the best purchase.  You can buy fresh made fudge in their candy shop or feast on a roasted elk sandwich in their deli.  You can test out cots, buy yourself an emergency toilet or build up your awesome supply of cast iron cookery.  Do you need a Yeti cooler large enough to get a bear back home after an adventurous hunt?  You can find that here as well. We walk in the door and all run our favorite ways.  You can usually find Brandan searching for his next gun purchase or adding to his growing collection of hunting calls.  I love to look at the fly fishing section.  They make it simple to pick the right fly for your local fishing with little tips on what fish are hitting on in your favorite fishing hole.  Its like a toy store for the outdoors.  

If your family is like our family you can spend a good chunk of an afternoon there.  In the far back corner past the guns but before the off-road section sits a museum walk.  I'm half sure the animatronic hunter telling you tales is designed after President George W. Bush.  Take a look and tell me if you agree.   Don't forget to check out the Bargain Cave.  Owning outdoor gear can add up so every little bit you can save can be spent on more gear later.  Save a quarter for feeding the fish though.  Its a must do for your kids or the kid in you. 

If you want to see how fun Cabela's of Lehi Utah is then we have a treat for you.  Here is a virtual tour of the place.  Check it out and plan a trip there to prep for your next adventure.  


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