Friday, January 13, 2017

World of Color with Dining at Carthay Circle.

The Carthay Circle Theater was once a famous movie palace of Hollywood's golden age. If you look at the blueprints you can see the theater was shaped in a big circle. The theater first hosted Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on December 21st, 1937.  As a tribute to history Disney's California Adventure is home to a fine dining experience themed after this amazing piece of Hollywood past.  There is no theater behind these doors but there is a lounge and restaurant that lets you step back in time.  Reservations are highly recommended up to 60 days in advance at (714)781-DINE.
The food is fancy, The menu is simple and the wait staff are incredible.  It was for sure a dining experience instead of just another meal.  You pay for it too.  At $43 a person you get three courses and your fast past type tickets to special selected spot at World Of Color that night. Quick tip though, if you want to experience it but save a little money the lunch is much cheaper than the dinner.  Still great food but a little more spending money to use elsewhere in the park. Also its a fancy water out of wine glasses kind of place.  If my kids were younger they probably would have gotten more out of a character dining experience instead.  After lunch we enjoyed a day at the park and returned to the World of Color viewing spot with our tickets in hand.  Cast members showed us to our area and let us pick a spot.  Next to us was people sitting at small tables eating what looked like desserts.  That is on my Disneyland bucket list now.

 World of Color is a show for all ages. It touches on powerful scenes from loved Disney movies all on a wall of water.  Its hard to explain the magic at work here.  Its an experience only Disney could come up with.  Its a 19,000 square foot projection screen created by 1,200 fountains shooting 200 feet into the air.  Lights and music play along with the show as well as magic ears, gloves and wands you can purchase.  These items you purchase will light up along with the show synchronizing with the other people in the audience.  It was really a cool thing to watch. You can be part of the show.  When the show is over you can switch your items over to demo mode and they will light up on their own.  Descriptions really can't do this show justice.  Its worth the effort to make the time to get there and watch it on your own.

Happy adventures.

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