Monday, February 20, 2017

President's Day

  On the third Monday of each February we celebrate President's day. Well some of us do anyway. If you don't get the day off then it isn't a holiday in my world and I have never gotten a President's Day off. I just don't work in an industry that recognizes it. There are many of you that do get the day off and I hope that you chose to spend it doing something fun.
  Misty and the kid's went to Disneyland again on a day that is extra crowded due to the holiday which to me is crazy. To be fair, she had family in town and wanted to spend the day with them which I understand but I would rather go to work than experience an overcrowded day at a Disney Park so I guess we all got what we wanted (except for the me being at work part.)
  I noticed that there were a lot of people that chose to spend their holiday participating in protests across the country. While I think it is great to stand up for what you believe in. I'm getting a bit tired of watching this country tear itself apart. I'm not going to get political here on this blog. That's not what I'm here for. I would just like to see folks out there celebrating the fact that we have a democracy and that we get to choose who our leader will be, whether we like them or not.
  It's amazing to know that places like Mt. Vernon and Monticello are still standing to this day. Mt. Rushmore was carved into the hard, white, granite of the Black Hills to forever memorialize Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt. Washington D.C. is also full of monuments dedicated to presidents. Ulysses S. Grant has a monument which doubles as a mausoleum, the largest in the U.S. according to the National Park Service. And don't forget about all of the Presidential Libraries scattered throughout the country.
  Of all of these I have only been to Mt. Rushmore and that was when I was two or three so I think I need to start planning a few trips. Actually a trip to Mt. Rushmore is currently being planned for those of us here at Route To Adventure and we'll detail that more as the plan comes together. 
  All in all I hope that you had the opportunity to do something fun for President's Day and if you are one of the many employees that had to work the huge sales this weekend, we thank you and salute your bravery. You didn't have to visit any of the places that I wrote about here but I do hope that it gets you thinking about what you can do for next year's President's Day. 


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