Friday, March 24, 2017

Disneyland's Food and Wine Festival

In all honesty Disneyland's Food and Wine Festival wasn't something that had me too excited.  I think in my mind I was picturing tiny plates with cheese and grapes and a million different colors of wines all around.  I didn't give it more thought than that.  One of the tiny blessings of living so close to Disneyland is getting to see our friends and family when they come into town to see the park.  When I went to the park to see some friends that had come in from Utah to see the magic of Disneyland, the festival happened to be in full swing.  I learned then that this festival was so much more.  

The Food and Wine Festival, held in Disney's California Adventure park, runs from March 10th to April 16th, 2017.  So far I have only witnessed a few short hours of fun at the park but it was incredible how much they packed in.  They had a stage built in the water area in the front of Mickey's Fun Wheel.  This stage had three live bands playing there that day.  While Disney always awes us with moving street performances the musically performing chefs accompanied by chefs Chip and Dale were a new treat.  Between the Golden Zephyr and Hollywood Land sits a line of Kiosks for every taste.  It was fun to see some items being sold along with all the treats. From glass wear to flavored olive oils and even a place to get bath and body products.  These were tucked in near the garage sized kiosks of various food and drink offerings.  Classic Disney style, if your going to do it then you might as well do it big.  This was a surprise of a treat they hit out of the park.  

Most of my friends and family know that I consider garlic to be the most perfect food ever.  My bucket list dream has a trip to the Gilroy Garlic Festival.  I love garlic in all forms.  I was so excited to see a little shack dedicated to the best food ever. They also had one with a bacon theme.  Yes, a full booth dedicated to the candy of meat.  Each booth has its own special theme and flavor to it.  If you didn't see something you liked you could walk a few feet and find a whole new assortment of options.  They offer wine tasting and seminars with reservations required and a variety of culinary demonstrations. They even offered kids a cooking experience.  If you have little's between the ages of 3 to 11 they can join the fun with a hands on experience that gives them a sweet treat. Of course they offer craft beers and wines from all over for the big kids in your group too.  Annual Pass holders can get a bonus treat by getting a lanyard with some special coupons tucked inside, buttons and a photo opportunity.  

While the food was the star here it still had the extra touches that Disney is so well known for.  The Onion Lair is one example.  It is a kiosk with onion themed treats but along with it you can find plaque telling about California's contribution to the onion market and facts about Americans taste of them.  They even tossed in a little humor for those who take the time to stop and read it all.  

There is a lot to see and experience here so I would suggest you start your journey here at the welcome center.  It is located at he start of the path just past the Carthay Circle. They can guide you to what ever it is you might love.  You can get a sneak peek of the treats here on Disneyland's website as well.   For us were going to sneak back to the park and find our favorite tasty treats soon.  It will only be here until April 16th and that will be here sooner than we know it.

The joy is in the journey.

💗 Misty.

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