Tuesday, March 21, 2017


  A person's need for freedom is born into them. From the time one can crawl instinct drives us to explore our surroundings and research what is unknown to us. Of course it's the job of the parents to guide children in the right directions and to keep them safe despite our best efforts to to tempt fate. Before long our interests turn to automobiles, the ultimate freedom. 
  Being blessed with height and a great family I got my first driving lesson at twelve years old. After that I couldn't wait to take my next spin behind the wheel. Once I got my license I took advantage of this new freedom and drove everywhere my Jeep would take me. Each time I left it was a new adventure and I didn't care where the roads took me. Heck, I wanted to see as many new roads as I could. I was free to roam at my leisure- as long as I could find gas money that is. At that time in life driving was my therapy.
  I wouldn't have believed that driving would lose it's fun, though. Driving went from being the ultimate freedom to just a way to get to work and the grocery store. Sure I still went on adventures but they became few and far between as the real world took over my life. Traffic became something to dread (especially here in California, sheesh) and the act of commuting became a chore. Every once in awhile though, I find myself feeling like my youthful self and the urge to just drive claws it's way to the surface. 
  A couple of days ago that is exactly what happened. I had replaced the battery in my current Jeep and I decided that it was time for an overdue adventure. I really haven't allowed myself time to just drive around town here in Valencia. Like I said, I've been a commuter. I haven't spent the time getting to know my temporary home and it was high time I did. The front sections of the top came off and we hit the road with nowhere in particular to be. I learned new roads and discovered more about the town I live in and found myself very relaxed with the wind blowing through my hair. Just like the good old days. 
  So what's the point? Simple. You don't always need to travel to exotic locations to find adventure. It can be found just around the corner. It doesn't have to take days or even hours. My Sunday drive only lasted about forty five minutes but it was fun and long enough that I got a little too much sun on my lily white skin. If you're a lover of cars and driving like I am then you owe it to yourself to try and rediscover the joy and intimate atmosphere of the car ride. If you open your mind and push the real world aside for a little while you might just find that inner teenager taking the wheel to nowhere in particular again.


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