Friday, March 3, 2017

RV Life: Part Two, Full Timers

  Most people wake up, shower, have breakfast and head off to work everyday. They do it to keep food on the table, a roof over their heads and to raise a family. It's part of the "American Dream." But over 52% of us in the working class don't like our jobs. I understand not liking going to work. None of us want to go to work. We would much rather do things that are fun or benefit us in some way. However, we don't really have much choice in the matter. We can either suck it up and go to work or we can try to find something else to do with our lives. Most of us will continue to grind it out day after day until they can finally retire which is getting harder to do every year. But I want to recognize the few that go out on an extreme limb and split from the status quo.
  It has come to my attention that there are people out there that have ditched all the stuff that filled the closets and shelves of their homes, put the house up for sale, and have moved into an RV to live full time on the road. I know what your saying. Brandan those people are called retirees and they are seventy years old. For the most part that it true but there are a growing number of younger people that are exploring this kind of lifestyle and they are the ones we're focusing on for Part Two of our RV Life series of posts.
  My lovely wife stumbled upon a a YouTube channel that focuses on a family that has chosen to live life on the road with their two year old daughter. It's entertaining to watch their adventures as they visit different places across the U.S. They are now on their third RV in a year as they continue to minimize the amount of stuff in their lives. Their YouTube channel and blog are called Less Junk More Journey. Check them out to experience what my sweet wife finds so inspiring.
  They aren't the only ones out there trying this lifestyle and that is what's so surprising. The boom in internet and remote computer jobs is allowing people to break free from the regular nine to five and live life as free as possible in this day and age. I would be lying if I didn't say that I have a huge jealous streak of these folks. They get to wake up in a different place whenever they want and they get to see the most amazing places the world has to offer. If that doesn't make you jealous then you sir, are broken in the brain.
  Could this be the answer to so many of my problems? Maybe. It would create other problems for us like insurance, good paychecks, and security but let's set that aside for a moment. What if this could be a reality? Would you do it? If you had an opportunity to leave behind the job that causes you so much grief, so much pain, could you walk away to be free? It's kind of scary just to think about change at this point in life. I have a good paying job, a wife and two great kids. Thanks to the job we don't have a home. Okay I sold it because we're living in California for another year but still we're homeless. We have a pretty good life and it's taken us a long time to get here. But at what cost?
   I'm grateful for everything that I've been given in my life. I've been very blessed. But I find life lacking in many ways that I can't really put to words without getting too depressing. What I want to convey to you is that there is something out there that calls to every one of us. It may not be today, it may not be in five years from now but when you hear it, it's up to you to decide whether or not to listen to it. I'm hearing the call for change and while there are details and difficulties to overcome I think it's time to answer that call.
  The difficulty in answering the call seems to be actually hearing all the details. You see, when the call begins it's very faint. You can hear it but you only know that you need to follow it. It's up to you to figure out how to do it. That's where we're at right now. We feel that we want to take chances and live free. We've only got three years before our oldest turns eighteen and could run off to college. We feel that it's important for us to take the kids to as many places as we can before they are off on their own and if you haven't guessed, that's where the motor home comes into play.
  Yeah we're really entertaining living in an RV for a year or two. I know it may sound crazy and irresponsible but as the kid's say nowadays, you only live once. Of course course there is that chance that it wouldn't work out but how do you know if you don't take the chance? Not only that but how do I continue to bring you guys fun travel stories and videos if I can't get out and travel? By the way if you haven't seen our latest video I've put it at the end of the article for you to see.
  None of this is going to happen overnight and it may not pan out at all but as my wife likes to remind me that the chances we don't take now are the regrets we'll have later. There's a way to do this and we're going to figure it out. We owe it to ourselves and to our family to try to be as happy as we can be and it turns out that we're at our best when we travel. Change is never easy and it's usually always scary but there is another saying, something about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, you know the one? Well that's us in a nutshell. We're just pushing through day after day of the same thing and never really growing.
  Going back to what I was saying in the last post, these are all the factors that are going into our choice of a new RV. It needs to be reliable and tough enough to handle the four of us for a possible lengthy stay. It has to be affordable because let's face it, we won't have as much money living on the road. It also has to be comfortable. I've been in a lot of RV's lately that don't have the most comfortable furniture and over time I think that would be a big issue to us. Yeah, I'm finding the RV search to be just as frustrating as house hunting. Oh well, just part of the fun. Stay tuned for future updates into our RV search and of course our current adventures. Have a great weekend!



  1. I'm happy to hear you are thinking about taking the plunge. Trust me, you'll love it. The world is full of beautiful sights to see and life is too short to wait. My husband and I decided to buy our RV and hit the road two years ago, and there has not been one time we've regretted joining the elite group of RV'ers.

  2. Thank you Liza. Its a scary leap to make but it just feels so right right now. We are still looking for that perfect RV for us but we cant wait to join the ranks of full timers. Time is ticking by so fast and we want to squeeze every moment out of it as soon as we can.

    What has been your favorite part of RV life?