Friday, April 21, 2017

Having a Blast at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

If you are the type to get star struck then you will love this place.  If you aren't the type to get star struck you will love this place.  I guess what I am saying here is that I really think you will love this place.  Not only can you see your favorite stars close up but you can get a close up photo of the two of you and not be escorted away by security.  This is a place where your imagination can be free.  

 Jeremy got to be a pirate for a minute.  As you can tell by his standard teenager face he was less than impressed at first.  He sorta dressed as a pirate and walked near the set up scene.  As the adventure went on he got into it.  You will have the most fun here if you are looking to have fun and not worried about looking silly.  We worry way too much about people thinking we are silly anyway.  Live your life to the fullest and don't worry about what people might think of you.  Really, they are going to think you are fun if you are having fun.   

 If you have always dreamed of singing along side Johnny Cash or accepting your own Academy Award you can do that here.  As you walk by the wax impression of your favorite star you can find props to use for your photo enjoyment.  

Some of the stars were more exciting than the others.  Some of the stars were great memories from my childhood and my kids weren't as giddy.  I got a selfie with a Ninja Turtle guys!  I was thinking I was pretty cool for a while there until my kids reminded me I was old.  Ninja Turtles are cool and I'm not backing down on that, young'ns. 

Really there are wax stars for everyone.  Faith got to see her favorite singer.  Taylor Swift was such a blast for her to stand next to.  She is a tall, beautiful lady and Faith was a little star struck and it was sweet. 

Overall I think its a must do if you are brave enough to tackle a trip through Hollywood.  We made a video to show you all the things that a few still shots couldn't.  Thank you for taking this adventure with us.  

Happy travels and we hope you enjoy the show.  (shameless plug- We'd love more likes and subscribes to our YouTube channel if you are feeling up to it). 


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