Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Handprints of Hollywood.

Somewhere in my mind I always knew that there was a spot in Hollywood where the stars left their prints forever in concrete slabs.  I never really knew where, why or who started it all.  It was packed full of visitors reaching down to place their hands where their favorite stars once were.  Its crazy to think about all of history that has walked this one street.  

Grauman's Chinese Theater opened on May 18th, 1927, with the premiere of Cecil B. Demille's film The King of Kings.  Since that day the theater has been the home of many premiere's including the 1977 opening of Star Wars.  Three times it has held the Academy Award ceremonies.  Today the theater is known as TCL Chinese Theater but the details remain the same.  The front court is decorated with concrete squares detailed with the signatures, handprints and footprints of a select few of Hollywood greats.

One of the few free things you can do in Hollywood, this stop is a must do.  It sits right on Hollywood Boulevard between Orange and Highland.  As you walk there you will go right over the Walk of Fame stars.  There were a lot of characters there as well.  Some were in costume and some were just full of personality.  Be aware that when you take photos with these people they will expect tips.  The snake prop photo guys will tell you that its $5 for children and $10 for adults only after draping you with a large snake.  We didn't fall for it though we did watch it happen a few times. 

The space is limited.  So far there are about 175 squares filled.  This prestigious opportunity is available to only the biggest stars.  It is also a trick to get all the pictures you want.  I'm guessing if you show up early that you will have a better chance to get your perfect shot. 

We didn't get a shot of every spot we wanted and here we are only showing you a few.  175 is a lot of star power to wonder at.  Here is a list of the dates and stars that have their mark in time.  Here are a few of our favorites to wet your travel appetite.  Which star are you most excited to compare your hands to?

Happy Travels

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