Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chalk Creek Hieroglyphs

   We've all heard of Egyptian hieroglyphics. They were one of my favorite things to learn about in school. You know, King Tut the boy king and such. Treasures of gold and mummies encased within walls of stone and carefully carved and painted symbols that told the stories of the pharaohs entombed inside. Seeing them in person is a dream of mine that I hope to fulfill sometime in my life but we'll just have to see how that pans out later.
  Scattered across the southwestern United States there are petroglyphs carved into the sandstone by ancient Native American peoples that told of the animals and the men that hunted them and who knows what else. They honestly don't really know. Modern man can only take an educated guess at what they mean. As a story teller I believe that hieroglyphics and petroglyphs are simply man's way of telling their story just like those of us today that use social media. Okay that's a stretch but you get the idea. We recently visited a small panel of hieroglyphics in central Utah that have also held tight their secret meanings and that's our topic of the day.
  The Chalk Creek Hieroglyphs are located just a few miles east of the rural town of Fillmore, Utah and are accessed off of an dirt ATV trail. These hieroglyphs have an interesting history of discovery, dispute, and death. No one has ever officially broken the code of the hieroglyphs but one man thought he had. Jose Davila, from Mexico found his way to Fillmore more or less by chance. When he saw the hieroglyphs he was sure he could translate them. This is because he had dealt with similar symbols in South America. He believed these carvings were what is referred to as Nephite reformed Egyptian to which there is an example of in the Pearl of Great Price in the Book of Mormon. Jose claimed that he could decipher these symbols and once he did, he learned that buried in the hillside are some sacred records. These are believed to be records that would interest the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons.) Jose believed that these records were from the lost tribe known as the Nephites.
  The hieroglyphs told of how to locate the entrance to a chamber that held the records and with some help, Jose started the excavation. They had reached 80 feet deep and 20 feet wide when tragedy struck. Two men were killed by poisonous gas after being lowered into a shaft that had been blasted open. This was on a Sunday which was taboo. Sunday is the day of rest and to Jose working on Sunday is breaking the Sabbath day, something frowned upon by God. This tragedy and other legal battles from outside sources trying to weasel their way in to fame and glory caused the project to grind to a halt. Jose would eventually return to excavate and through some research determined that he had made some miscalculations and was digging in the wrong place. Jose ended up running out of money and returned to Mexico dejected and shamed by his fellow church members. Jose was LDS which was part of the reason the project meant so much to him.
  People have debated whether or not Jose really did decipher the hieroglyphs. Some thought he was just plain crazy. Others however believe that Jose was on to something and that there may actually be something buried beneath those rocks. Today we can visit the site and see the symbols for ourselves and speculate. I believe that if there is something buried there we must not be ready to receive the information. Perhaps, in time, when the Lord see's fit, we'll get to see what's down there. Until then we'll just keep visiting from the comfort of our ATV's and wonder. To read a more detailed account of Jose Davila you can visit the article I found to be the most informative here.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Have you tried an Oki Dog?

Have you ever had an Oki Dog?  Have you ever even heard of an Oki Dog?  In all honesty the outside of this building didn't really call me in.  I'm not sure I would have ever made the stop if it were not for the advice of someone else.  You get 24 hours in a day.  365 days in a year.  If you live to be 80 you get about 700,800 hours to live.  Everyday we make the choice to sit back and watch life go by or get out there and live it.  We choose to live. We chose to fill our moments with new experiences with new memories and that brought us to the Oki Dog.  

Oki Dog is located at 860 N Fairfax in North Hollywood, on the corner of Willoughby.  Its not hard to find at all.  Behind a chain link fence is your parking. From your parking spot this photo is your view.  I have a lot of words I feel like could describe it but I'm just going to call it character.  This place has a lot of character.  As you exit the lot you walk by the front of the restaurant.  Here is a window and menu if you want to order from outside, but I don't recommend it.  I recommend going in for the full experience.  Out front is a line of chairs.  Imagine if you and your twenty closest friends all took one chair from a family member who collected old things and you lined them up.  This is kinda what you see when you walk up.  Chairs like the ones I remember from my early childhood, but not the fancy ones. 

The inside was equally eclectic with a style that is a one of a kind.  There was music playing and fans blowing.  The menu was written on the wall and next to it was a window you could order from.  Inside the building it was warm but those brave souls in the kitchen, wow!  As you talked into the window you could feel a burst of heat pouring out.  It was like a sauna except for the smell.  The smell was wonderful and it made the hot burst so worth it.  We all picked our spots and looked around while we ordered and waited for the food to be prepared.  We had no idea what an Oki Dog was and after asking the guy at the window I still had no idea.  I couldn't understand a word that was said.  It totally might be me though, the customer in the corner behind us with the one large dreadlock peeking out of the bottom of his very well loved hat said something as well and I have no clue what he said either.   

Brandan was less than impressed by our potential adventure.  He said he was pretty sure we were all going to die, he just wasn't sure if we would get stabbed, shot or food poisoned.  It wasn't that bad at all, but it sure wasn't someplace that we would look at and think that amazing food would be tucked inside.  This is his "What did you get me into now?" face.  His tune changed when we broke into our meal. 

I asked the guy at the window how large an Oki Dog was.  He said it wasn't that big using hand gestures that led me to think it was the size of a standard hot dog.  Its not!  We ordered four Oki Dog combos and two basic burger combos for the ones who weren't interested in a surprise.  Here is the big kicker, an Oki Dog combo with a large bag of fries and a soda set us back $6.  I didnt know you could get anything in Hollywood for $6 let alone an entire meal.  Earlier in the day we got doughnuts and they were about $3 a piece.  For $6 I felt like we were getting a steal of a deal.  Since they were just a hot dog we also ordered two Oki Burgers for sharing, just to try.   

This is an Oki Dog!  This is nowhere near the size of just a hot dog.  It is two full sized good quality hot dogs,  covered in chili and cheese and a good serving of pastrami all wrapped in a perfect tortilla.  Huge is not a big enough word to describe it.  It was a meal and a half of amazing flavors in a fun shell.  I am not a huge hot dog fan.  Do you remember the line in the movie The Great Outdoors when they are talking about what is in a hot dog?  Ill just leave that there.  This was seriously good eats and I would love to have one again!  

Remember when we decided that they were just a hot dog so we should try a burger too?  Yeah, the hot dogs are huge but the Oki Burgers colossal.  This here is one Oki Burger.  One half is filling the plate and the other is waiting to be taken.  I loved this even more than the Oki Dog.  They put a pile of cabbage on the grill with three hamburger patties.  They cooked it all up with onions and green peppers.  When it was all cooked up they wrapped it all in two full sized tortillas and topped it with chili and cheese.  We had two of those! It was like a Philly cheese steak with a twist.  I loved the cooked cabbage and the blend of flavors.  Between all the food we got there was a full meal left over to feed our little family of four the next day. 

When we travel to places we don't often stop at little shacks like this one.  Its off the beaten tourist path a little bit but worth the venture out.  Come see us and we will take you there.  Even if it is just once you have to experience the adventure of an Oki Dog and Burger.  

I think in life we will look back an regret the chances we didn't take.  Take the chance and make the memories.  

❤ Misty

Friday, May 19, 2017

Kings Canyon National Park

On our whirlwind weekend trip we also managed to see Kings Canyon National Park.  Just to the north of Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon is another incredible location to see giant sequoia trees.  In addition to the trees Kings Canyon is home to the most incredible river and waterfall I have ever found in my entire life.  

Both Sequoia and Kings Canyon are reached by long winding roads.  I don't really think of myself as someone who gets car sick easily.  I feel like I can handle most any roller coaster.  There was no escaping the turned stomach unless I was driving.  Fun tip.  For some magical and I'm sure scientifically backed reason drivers get sick much less than the passengers.  Google it and I'm sure it will back me up.  Maybe on our next cruise I will ask if I can drive the boat.  

General Grant Sign
Kings Canyon is home to the third largest tree in the world.  In our last post we talked about General Sherman being the largest.  I have no clue where the second largest tree might be but just a quick drive a way you can see number three.  All over the internet it tells you it is the second.   The sign right in front
of it tells us differently though.  Maybe sometime after the sign was posted number two went down and it now hold the record.  Either way it is a giant tree.  Meet General Grant.  Named in after Ulysses S. Grant, Union Army general and 18th President of the United States.  Besides being a giant tree this tree is extra special. On April 28, 1926 President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed it to be the "Nations Christmas Tree". General Grant is the only living object to be declared a national shrine. President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared the tree a memorial to those that died in war.  

General Grant Fire Scar
Just like how fire plays such a big part in the life cycle of these trees, it has a past with the General Grant as well.  The General Grant has   At the trail head you can pick up a booklet for $1.50 that will guide you around the area.  You will have no problem navigating the trail but the book provides 15 points of information that go along with numbered posts.  You can also walk through the shell of a once standing tree called the Fallen Monarch (Video Here)  and see the Gamlin Cabin. The Gamlin Cabin is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  This cabin was the first permanent settlement in Kings Canyon National Park. 

One of the craziest stories we learned in the park was the story of the Centennial Stump.  To look at it you wouldn't think much of it.  A large tree once stood here.  When people went back and told others about the size of these trees they were thought to be spinning tales.  To prove it they cut this tree down and sent pieces away.  The people still didn't believe them though so it was all for nothing.  

Roaring River Falls
The trees were stunning but Id be mistaken if I said that that was the best part of our day.  Like I said before California had a wet and wild winter.  This wet weather created perfect conditions for once in a lifetime flows on the rivers and waterfalls.  Brandan will tell you more in the video he put together. He promises to get it out soon.  Roaring River Falls was beautiful but Grizzly Falls was powerful.  Powerful enough it was blowing the hood right off your head.  It was loud, cold and wet.  In the past the falls weren't quite the raging beasts they are today.  I highly suggest you get there quick to see it all in its extra wet spring runoff. 

Live like there is no tomorrow.  Except for paying your bills, do that still.  I guess that is bad advice the whole way around.  But you know what I mean right?  If you have the time then you need to make it happen.  Before you know it you life will speed by in chunks barely recognizable.  Get out there and see all you can see.  Taste all you can taste.  More than anything get out there and make those memories with the ones you love the most.  I hope more than anything when my kids are talking with their kids they will look back on these tiny moments and smile.  

❤ Misty

Brandan is still working on his awesome video but to hold you over here is a Quick Trip of our weekend fun. 


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Trees of Sequoia National Park

We woke up Friday morning and there was the pull of adventure in the air.  There was no fighting it.  All we could do was pick a destination and run towards it.  I might not suggest trying to find a hotel on a holiday weekend the night before but that is exactly what we did and it worked out beautifully.  I am a firm believer that you will only regret the chances you don't take.   We got up early Saturday morning and took off for what might be the second best national park ever.  That is saying a lot too.  Yellowstone will forever be my favorite park.  It is like stepping into a time of magic.  Sequoia National Park is a lot like that too.  You can't be there and not be in awe at the giant creations in front of you.  

You could look at a thousand pictures and still not get how incredibly impossible this place seems.  It was like the world forgot it was there and just let it grow.  Of course our not so little dinosaur crazed one thought it looked like dinosaurs could step out at any moment.  She was right though.  It looked untouched and unreal.  It was also chilly to the point we laughed about it.  We are currently spending most of our time in California but our hearts still live in Utah.  California and Utah weather couldn't be more different.  We knew this cold wouldn't phase us. We were slightly wrong.  We broke out the winter coats and gloves but the nip of the chill on our nose still surprised us.  Maybe it was going from the swelter of the 90's last week to the 30's of the weekend that was the shocker.  It was a great reminder at the blessings we really do have.  California makes for an awesome winter experience if you want a short break from snowy driving and scraping windows. And I have strayed way off course again.  Sequoia National Park is a must have on every bucket list.  

This winter was a big one for California.  There was little they could do to prepare for the water and snow that would blanket the state.  While it made for amazing rivers and waterfalls, drastically reduced the crippling drought it also took out an iconic drive through tree.  The Pioneer Tree in Calaveras Big Tree State Park toppled in a winter storm and just like that it was over.  We missed the opportunity to see that tree and it reminded us so much that nothing is forever.  Yes these trees have been around for a long long time.  No one guessed that this tree was seeing its last winter.  This struck us hard.  Why wait for tomorrow when you can make it happen today, so we did.  

These trees are not just large trees.  It is like a forest you have never experienced, unless of course you have already been here.  At one point in time people were chopping the trees down to send pieces across the country just to prove they were here.  They still weren't believed and people claimed that they were just putting pieces of wood together to make it appear like one large tree.  On this slice of tree you see years of details. You can see the rings and get up close to how big these really are. 

General Sherman
 Let me introduce you to General Sherman.  This is the worlds largest tree when measured by volume.  It stands at 275 feet tall and its base is 36 feet in diameter.  The largest branch on this tree has a diameter of 6.8 feet which is larger than most trees I know of.  Do you see those tiny things in the bottom of this picture?  Those are full sized adult people!  We are hopeful that the videos we will put up on Friday can show you a little bit more of what it is like to walk by these giants.  Stunning is the best word I can think of to describe it.  We packed a lot of snacks and it was super helpful.  There wasn't a lot of snacking opportunities since they were still on winter time.  We will be going back soon when all of the park is open though.  There is a cave calling our names.  

Winter can make this park a different trip.  They offer a winter shuttle to help you get around.  They have a lot of cross country ski and snowshoe opportunities as well.  

Through out the park we kept hearing the same thing.  Fire is the life of this forest.  It seems very counter productive to burn the forest to help it live but that is how they do it.  The flames clear and fertilize the ground creating the best kind of environment for the seeds to take hold and grow.  Fire also opens the cones and makes the seeds rain down from the tops of the trees to the newly prepared soil.  The park service was doing controlled burns while we were there and you can see fire scars on a lot of these giant trees.  When you have lived for 3000 years you have been around to see some things.  

The cost to get in to Sequoia National Park is $30 for a standard vehicle.  For $50 you can get an annual pass to both Sequoia and Kings Canyon.  Our favorite option is to get the America the Beautiful National Parks annual pass for $80.  We picked ours up last year in Yellowstone over the 4th of July and have used it at for well over its value since then.  We highly recommend it and we highly recommend using it a lot.  Some of our best family memories are made in these parks.  Most of them have terrible cell phone service so you can all be less distracted and spend great quality time together.  

Get out there and explore. 


Friday, May 12, 2017

Introducing our new 360Fly

As we travel we are always looking for new ways to capture our adventures.  While we do love the camera collection we have now we just added a new toy to our photography toolbox.  Meet the 360Fly.  We weren't really shopping for a 360 camera but we are always kinda peeking at them.  When we ran into a sale at Best Buy that was too good to pass up we went from looking to jumping right in.  We cant wait to see all the amazing videos we can create with this camera.

After giving the 360fly a quick 30 minute charge we were ready to set it up.  It was fairly simple with a little help from online to pair it to my iPhone with the 360Fly app. From the app we can control the camera and even edit and share the videos.  While the camera is very simple to use there is a definite learning curve.

What we love-

  • With a simple adapter this camera is compatible with all of out GoPro accessories so there isn't a need to buy duplicates of everything.  
  • Its a very portable size so it can be taken anywhere. 
  • It comes dust proof, shock proof and water resistant right out of the box with no need to buy special adapters.  If you are looking to go dive with it there is a housing available.  If you are in the rain, no housing needed.  
  • 360 video! Its the next best thing to being right there with us! 

What we aren't as crazy about-

  • The battery and memory are all internal.  We would love a way to replace the battery or memory card when we are on the go, but instead when it is full or it is dead it needs to be dealt with before using again. Not awful but something that takes planing around.  
  • Uploading videos to YouTube was crazy complicated.  The app seems buggy and wouldn't upload as it was supposed to.  It also takes forever.  
  • All the videos are split into 10 minute chunks breaking up longer videos.  We didn't know this until we say 3 files from our 30 minutes of filming.  
  • Low light filming isn't as great as it could be. 
Overall we really love our new gadget.  We are excited to strap it on the front of our Polaris RZR and see how in handles all we can throw at it.  We love that we can place the camera when we first get ready and then choose when to film with our phone. 

This is the first video we could get up.  It looks best on a cell phone where you can easily manipulate your view.  The best option would be to use something like virtual reality goggles where you can be fully immersed in a 360 view.  If you are using goggles you want to select the cardboard setting, but I assume if you have goggles you know that already.   We added the video below but if you want to find it later it can be found on our YouTube page Route To Adventure.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ripley's Believe It or Not in Hollywood

The last museum we hit in Hollywood was the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum.  This was part of our three museums on one ticket tour along with the Guinness World Record Museum and the Hollywood Wax Museum.  This is also located right down the street from the TCL Chinese Theater to make a fun filled day in tourist town Hollywood.  We have not made it to Madam Tussauds Hollywood Wax Museum yet but after seeing the Hollywood Wax Museum we are eager to get there. 

Here you have Grace McDaniels.  She holds the award for the Ugliest Face.  I'm not sure how I feel about them giving out awards like this but Grace made the most of it.  She worked as a sideshow and people even fainted when they saw her.  She was said to have a great personality and was mother to a very normal child who grew up to be her personal manager.  I guess when life hands you lemons make lemonade right? Ripley's museum is full of awards like this.  You can see the tallest man, the thinnest man and the heaviest man also but that is just the tip of the shocking iceberg.  

Inside this place of oddities you have no idea what you will ever find.  There is a whole section of two headed animals.  All of them are real except for one.  One of them is a hoax made by a taxidermist.  Can you find the fake in the group?  I couldn't find it until it was pointed out to me.  Even then I couldn't tell.  I was shocked by the things nature put out there.  

Since we are in Hollywood it only seems fitting to pay tribute to the stars of Hollywood too.  One of the most fascinating things in the museum was this brick from the actual Yellow Brick Road of Oz fame.  The brick isn't yellow at all.  If you look at it you would never know that was the brick that Dorthy made her incredible journey on.  Above it is a cape from on of the Flying Monkeys as well.  I am so thankful that someone took the time to preserve these items for us to enjoy today.  I've often wondered what the movie studios do with all those props later on.  If I had to guess a lot of them are just tossed away or re-purposed for another film.  It would have been very simple to use this brick somewhere else and we would never be the wiser. 

This ordinary stair case is no ordinary stair case.  It is infused with magic! I could have played here all day and if we are being honest here, one day I might.  It was that fun to me.  This is a musical staircase.  Each step plays a different note.  If I had one of these in my home I would have the body of an Olympian.  As you run up and down you play a tune so if you want to play your favorite song you have to work for it.  Its hard work too.  If you run stairs for exercise you know how tough this can be.  Genius idea for a gym if you are ever inclined to make one.  We stayed and played here a while but we didn't want to keep others from enjoying the magic.  Set some time aside for this!  Call me up and Ill meet you there. 

I could try to explain all this museum had to offer but really I think you should go see it yourself.  This museum is open 364 days a year, closed only on the day of the Oscars.  If you want to go here you can buy tickets online for $20 but I strongly suggest you buy the three museum VIP combo.  At the time of writing this it is $29.99 for adults and $17.99 for children.  All three museums are on the same crazy street so you can park once and see them all.  

Here is a quick trip video of our time there.  Get out there and be amazed at all this world has to offer. 


Friday, May 5, 2017

Dark Deeds of Utah

   Utah is well known for open spaces, beautiful scenery, and good people. So how is it that such a beautiful and peaceful place became the bloody end for 120 men and women back in 1857? Simple. I would say it was fear and paranoia.
  Utah was settled in 1847 by Mormon pioneers that fled Illinois to start a life where they could live without persecution for their beliefs. There were many things about the church that set the Mormon's apart from other religions but the fact that they practiced polygamy, which is illegal in the United States, caused a rift between the Mormon's and their neighbors. Peace turned to violence and the Mormon's were forced to leave. This wasn't the first time either. They had been pushed out of Ohio for the same reasons in 1833 but in Illinois the violence escalated to murder when church leader, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were murdered in the Carthage jail. Brigham Young led his people west and settled what is now Salt Lake City to start fresh but trouble just seemed to follow.
 By 1857 the then Utah Territory had filled with Mormon settlements as the church expanded their reach throughout the area. The U.S. government had been keeping tabs on the Mormon's and rumors spread that the government was sending troops into the area, which they did. Settlers were put on alert and tensions rose. But soldiers weren't the only people entering the territory. Other settlers passing through to California made regular stops throughout the region for supplies as they made their own treks to the west. One such group of emigrants from Arkansas would unfortunately not make it to their destination. A group of 50 to 60 men from the local militia attacked and murdered 120 men and women in a small grassy valley in Southwestern, Utah. The militia even convinced a few of the local Native Americans to help with the attacks in hopes that they could blame the tribe for the attacks later.
  Church members had been asked to stockpile and hide their ammunition and supplies in case they were needed when the military arrived. This made it difficult for emigrants to resupply as they traveled through the territory and led to frustration and heated words. These words would prove fatal in the end because from what I can tell there really was no other provocation. Like I said, it seems to be an unfortunate and sad event caused by fear and paranoia from people that had already had a tough life. No excuse. This was a terrible tragedy carried out by a group of men of their own volition and without the consent of the church.

 Even today the site is secluded and looks much like it did back in 1857 and it seems the details of what really happened during this event will never fully be known or understood. We spent about a half an hour waling around the monument and reading the story. To get more details on this strange incident you can check it out here and here.

Next week we'll visit somewhere a lot more cheery. See you then.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Museum of World Records

Having children is the ultimate adventure.  Some days can be the best day ever and some days you poured the wrong number of Cheerios on the left side of the bowl and the day will now be ruined.  I try so very hard to be a patient and loving mom.  I want their childhood memories to be full of the fun we had instead of the times mom had to put herself in timeout before we were all in tears.   
 Meet our princess.  She is the sweetest and most lovable kid ever.  She is also the worlds biggest dinosaur fan.  Specifically Jurassic Park dinosaurs. This sounds like an innocent enough thing.  Many days it can drive me to tears listening to her go on about the 10th hour of one continuous subject.  We have started limiting her to five Jurassic Park related conversations a day before we start sending her to her room to write it out instead.  I've tried to keep it in check but it somehow keeps paying off for her.  We enjoy Universal Studios a lot and Jurassic Park the Ride is one of her must do things at the park. Twice now this sweet girl wearing her Jurassic Park hat and t-shirt have been "randomly" chosen to participate in their line trivia.  After you get a few answers correct you get a priority pass to the front of the line.  This last time she got the most right the questioner had ever questioned.  She walked away with two priority passes to Jurassic Park the Ride and two priority passes to anything in the park that isn't Harry Potter.  Its hard to fight the universe when it keeps going her way like this.  

What do you do when your kid is completely obsessed with something to the point it ruins it for the rest of us?  We fuel a different fire.  Before Jurassic Park it was breaking world records.  
Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood California is a place where you can learn a lot of things you never knew you never knew.  The museum is full of signs that give the details of crazy things people have accomplished.  I can't find an extra few hours a week to get out of the house with friends but this man here found 45 extra years in his life to sit on top of a column.  I found myself wondering why a lot of these people ever did the things they were recorded as doing. 

While a lot of the displays were of people that didn't follow the norm in life some of them were things I could get excited about.  I learned that our favorite video game pal Mario is a record holder himself.  Mario has appeared in the most video games with 202 distinct titles (at time of record) including remakes and re-releases.  Mario arrived in July of 1981 in Donkey Kong and he has been going strong ever since.  

Of course in Hollywood we need to talk about the stars.  I learned that Bob Hope was the Most Honored Entertainer.  I knew that he was a popular guy but this seemed like a big thing.  I loved that I could see an award record for Michael Jackson.  It wasn't a surprise that he holds the record for the Worlds Best Selling Album.  

Some of the records they display I would highly recommend you never try.  There is a record for the Worlds Highest Shallow Dive.  You can learn about the tallest man and the man who weighs the most. While you are learning all about world records you can take a shot at breaking a few yourself.  There is an area upstairs in the museum that is set up to challenge you.  It had things like how fast you could stack cups, catch ping pong balls and test of skills. 

Overall the museum was entertaining.  It could use an update and is probably more of a side adventure than a reason to drive into the big city.  Its located right across the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum and you can get a combo ticket that gets you into both places for one price. If you have a world record fan like we do its a great place to see a bit more of the crazy side of things.  

Do you have a favorite museum we cant miss?  We'd love to add some new places on our travel bucket list. 

Happy Travels. 
❤ Misty