Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Museum of World Records

Having children is the ultimate adventure.  Some days can be the best day ever and some days you poured the wrong number of Cheerios on the left side of the bowl and the day will now be ruined.  I try so very hard to be a patient and loving mom.  I want their childhood memories to be full of the fun we had instead of the times mom had to put herself in timeout before we were all in tears.   
 Meet our princess.  She is the sweetest and most lovable kid ever.  She is also the worlds biggest dinosaur fan.  Specifically Jurassic Park dinosaurs. This sounds like an innocent enough thing.  Many days it can drive me to tears listening to her go on about the 10th hour of one continuous subject.  We have started limiting her to five Jurassic Park related conversations a day before we start sending her to her room to write it out instead.  I've tried to keep it in check but it somehow keeps paying off for her.  We enjoy Universal Studios a lot and Jurassic Park the Ride is one of her must do things at the park. Twice now this sweet girl wearing her Jurassic Park hat and t-shirt have been "randomly" chosen to participate in their line trivia.  After you get a few answers correct you get a priority pass to the front of the line.  This last time she got the most right the questioner had ever questioned.  She walked away with two priority passes to Jurassic Park the Ride and two priority passes to anything in the park that isn't Harry Potter.  Its hard to fight the universe when it keeps going her way like this.  

What do you do when your kid is completely obsessed with something to the point it ruins it for the rest of us?  We fuel a different fire.  Before Jurassic Park it was breaking world records.  
Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood California is a place where you can learn a lot of things you never knew you never knew.  The museum is full of signs that give the details of crazy things people have accomplished.  I can't find an extra few hours a week to get out of the house with friends but this man here found 45 extra years in his life to sit on top of a column.  I found myself wondering why a lot of these people ever did the things they were recorded as doing. 

While a lot of the displays were of people that didn't follow the norm in life some of them were things I could get excited about.  I learned that our favorite video game pal Mario is a record holder himself.  Mario has appeared in the most video games with 202 distinct titles (at time of record) including remakes and re-releases.  Mario arrived in July of 1981 in Donkey Kong and he has been going strong ever since.  

Of course in Hollywood we need to talk about the stars.  I learned that Bob Hope was the Most Honored Entertainer.  I knew that he was a popular guy but this seemed like a big thing.  I loved that I could see an award record for Michael Jackson.  It wasn't a surprise that he holds the record for the Worlds Best Selling Album.  

Some of the records they display I would highly recommend you never try.  There is a record for the Worlds Highest Shallow Dive.  You can learn about the tallest man and the man who weighs the most. While you are learning all about world records you can take a shot at breaking a few yourself.  There is an area upstairs in the museum that is set up to challenge you.  It had things like how fast you could stack cups, catch ping pong balls and test of skills. 

Overall the museum was entertaining.  It could use an update and is probably more of a side adventure than a reason to drive into the big city.  Its located right across the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum and you can get a combo ticket that gets you into both places for one price. If you have a world record fan like we do its a great place to see a bit more of the crazy side of things.  

Do you have a favorite museum we cant miss?  We'd love to add some new places on our travel bucket list. 

Happy Travels. 
❤ Misty

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