Friday, May 12, 2017

Introducing our new 360Fly

As we travel we are always looking for new ways to capture our adventures.  While we do love the camera collection we have now we just added a new toy to our photography toolbox.  Meet the 360Fly.  We weren't really shopping for a 360 camera but we are always kinda peeking at them.  When we ran into a sale at Best Buy that was too good to pass up we went from looking to jumping right in.  We cant wait to see all the amazing videos we can create with this camera.

After giving the 360fly a quick 30 minute charge we were ready to set it up.  It was fairly simple with a little help from online to pair it to my iPhone with the 360Fly app. From the app we can control the camera and even edit and share the videos.  While the camera is very simple to use there is a definite learning curve.

What we love-

  • With a simple adapter this camera is compatible with all of out GoPro accessories so there isn't a need to buy duplicates of everything.  
  • Its a very portable size so it can be taken anywhere. 
  • It comes dust proof, shock proof and water resistant right out of the box with no need to buy special adapters.  If you are looking to go dive with it there is a housing available.  If you are in the rain, no housing needed.  
  • 360 video! Its the next best thing to being right there with us! 

What we aren't as crazy about-

  • The battery and memory are all internal.  We would love a way to replace the battery or memory card when we are on the go, but instead when it is full or it is dead it needs to be dealt with before using again. Not awful but something that takes planing around.  
  • Uploading videos to YouTube was crazy complicated.  The app seems buggy and wouldn't upload as it was supposed to.  It also takes forever.  
  • All the videos are split into 10 minute chunks breaking up longer videos.  We didn't know this until we say 3 files from our 30 minutes of filming.  
  • Low light filming isn't as great as it could be. 
Overall we really love our new gadget.  We are excited to strap it on the front of our Polaris RZR and see how in handles all we can throw at it.  We love that we can place the camera when we first get ready and then choose when to film with our phone. 

This is the first video we could get up.  It looks best on a cell phone where you can easily manipulate your view.  The best option would be to use something like virtual reality goggles where you can be fully immersed in a 360 view.  If you are using goggles you want to select the cardboard setting, but I assume if you have goggles you know that already.   We added the video below but if you want to find it later it can be found on our YouTube page Route To Adventure.

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