Friday, May 19, 2017

Kings Canyon National Park

On our whirlwind weekend trip we also managed to see Kings Canyon National Park.  Just to the north of Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon is another incredible location to see giant sequoia trees.  In addition to the trees Kings Canyon is home to the most incredible river and waterfall I have ever found in my entire life.  

Both Sequoia and Kings Canyon are reached by long winding roads.  I don't really think of myself as someone who gets car sick easily.  I feel like I can handle most any roller coaster.  There was no escaping the turned stomach unless I was driving.  Fun tip.  For some magical and I'm sure scientifically backed reason drivers get sick much less than the passengers.  Google it and I'm sure it will back me up.  Maybe on our next cruise I will ask if I can drive the boat.  

General Grant Sign
Kings Canyon is home to the third largest tree in the world.  In our last post we talked about General Sherman being the largest.  I have no clue where the second largest tree might be but just a quick drive a way you can see number three.  All over the internet it tells you it is the second.   The sign right in front
of it tells us differently though.  Maybe sometime after the sign was posted number two went down and it now hold the record.  Either way it is a giant tree.  Meet General Grant.  Named in after Ulysses S. Grant, Union Army general and 18th President of the United States.  Besides being a giant tree this tree is extra special. On April 28, 1926 President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed it to be the "Nations Christmas Tree". General Grant is the only living object to be declared a national shrine. President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared the tree a memorial to those that died in war.  

General Grant Fire Scar
Just like how fire plays such a big part in the life cycle of these trees, it has a past with the General Grant as well.  The General Grant has   At the trail head you can pick up a booklet for $1.50 that will guide you around the area.  You will have no problem navigating the trail but the book provides 15 points of information that go along with numbered posts.  You can also walk through the shell of a once standing tree called the Fallen Monarch (Video Here)  and see the Gamlin Cabin. The Gamlin Cabin is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  This cabin was the first permanent settlement in Kings Canyon National Park. 

One of the craziest stories we learned in the park was the story of the Centennial Stump.  To look at it you wouldn't think much of it.  A large tree once stood here.  When people went back and told others about the size of these trees they were thought to be spinning tales.  To prove it they cut this tree down and sent pieces away.  The people still didn't believe them though so it was all for nothing.  

Roaring River Falls
The trees were stunning but Id be mistaken if I said that that was the best part of our day.  Like I said before California had a wet and wild winter.  This wet weather created perfect conditions for once in a lifetime flows on the rivers and waterfalls.  Brandan will tell you more in the video he put together. He promises to get it out soon.  Roaring River Falls was beautiful but Grizzly Falls was powerful.  Powerful enough it was blowing the hood right off your head.  It was loud, cold and wet.  In the past the falls weren't quite the raging beasts they are today.  I highly suggest you get there quick to see it all in its extra wet spring runoff. 

Live like there is no tomorrow.  Except for paying your bills, do that still.  I guess that is bad advice the whole way around.  But you know what I mean right?  If you have the time then you need to make it happen.  Before you know it you life will speed by in chunks barely recognizable.  Get out there and see all you can see.  Taste all you can taste.  More than anything get out there and make those memories with the ones you love the most.  I hope more than anything when my kids are talking with their kids they will look back on these tiny moments and smile.  

❤ Misty

Brandan is still working on his awesome video but to hold you over here is a Quick Trip of our weekend fun. 


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