Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Preview Of Adventure

When it comes to travel I like to get the most out of each day that I'm away from day to day life. If I took the time off from work then I'm not going to squander my time. To be honest I find relaxation a bit boring. I mean, why would I take a vacation to sit around when I can do that from my recliner? It just doesn't compute in my tiny brain. But just like you I have limited vacation time and what I do have, my job makes it difficult to leave for a decent amount of time. So how do you see a lot of the world in such limited time? Well as much as it may pain me to admit to the world, a cruise ship may just be the best option.
  I've mentioned how I feel about cruises in previous blog posts but for those of you that may be new here, I'm not the biggest fan. I like to explore a location a little more in depth than what you're able to do during a cruise. The ships are only in port for so long and you must choose the best highlights of these stops that appeal to you before hopping back on board. It feels rushed and incomplete to me but that doesn't mean it's a bad way to travel. So having said that, we have chosen to return to Alaska by way of Royal Caribbean's Radiance Of The Seas. We cruised to Alaska in 2007 when our daughter was only two years old. She has vague memories of the trip and asked us if we could go back and because I'm a sucker I agreed.
  We will be experiencing Alaska's culture through a back country train ride in Skagway, a salmon bake in Juneau, and a visit to a totem village in Ketchikan. While I won't get to spend as much time in each port city as I would like I do feel that you can immerse yourself pretty deep on this cruise. The deep culture, history, and the pure, untamed nature of Alaska appeal to me on multiple levels. I love it up there. Heck, if I were to become a hermit out on my own you might find me to be a permanent resident up there.
  This will be my third cruise and my third cruise line. We sailed with Norwegian Cruise Lines in 2007 to Alaska and in 2014 we cruised with Disney to the Caribbean. Both of those cruise lines had positives and negatives to their ships and it will be interesting to me to compare Royal to them.  So far they've all had good food and entertainment although I think it will be hard for anyone to beat Disney's shows. They seem to have an uncanny knack for producing "magic." We'll get into that after we return in a few weeks.
  When we do return from the trip we will bring you a full report of what we thought about our experience aboard the ship, what it has to offer for you and of course we'll go in depth on each of our ports of call. We may even have some sneak peaks on our social media pages to grab your attention. Stay tuned. Well I need to go. Those suitcases aren't going to pack themselves.


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