Tuesday, July 25, 2017

An Evening At Dodger Stadium

 It's as American as apple pie. In fact, it's known as America's pastime. Yes, baseball has a rich history and despite the nickname is played all over the world. 

 Utah doesn't have a professional baseball team but they have had professional baseball in some form as long as I can remember and currently the Salt Lake Bees are king of the hill as far as the local teams go. They are AAA level and their parent team is the Anaheim Angels. We have watched the Bees play on many occasions and the experience has always been fun and the games have always been good but we have always wondered what it would be like to see a Major League game in person. Well recently we had an opportunity to attend an LA Dodgers game and we took advantage.

 Okay, so truth be told, I'm not a Dodgers fan. I love the Yankees. But there is a little room for the home team in my heart. You know, "when in Rome," especially when the crowd might be a bit hostile to fans of another team. But at one time I was an Atlanta Braves fan and they were in town to take on the Dodgers so part of me was rooting for them. It really didn't matter to me which team came away with the victory. I just wanted to see a good game. We grabbed a Dodger Dog and took our seats in the outfield. 

  From our seats we looked toward home plate from afar and the view of the towering grand stands filled with almost 56,000 fans was a stark contrast to our 15,000 seat stadium in Utah. It was amazing. From where we sat fans could talk with the players. Yup, they could hear every good or nasty thing fans chose to spit at them. 

  For Dodger fans the hot dogs were probably the best part of the game. They were tasty, I had two to make sure, but the night belonged to the Braves. The Dodgers made multiple mistakes including one dropped pop up in the infield and never really got things going. We saw two home runs come our way, one of them a Grand Slam. This to me was the highlight. I don't know why but seeing a Grand Slam in person was pretty cool. Hey, I don't get out that much. By the eighth inning the home team was down 12 to 3 so we decided to beat traffic and headed for home early. Overall it wasn't a bad way to spend a Friday night despite the game's outcome. I could possibly be talked in to going again. Or maybe we'll try an NFL game. We'll just have to see.

  If you're a baseball fan and haven't seen a Major League game in person, you should give it a try. I may even be persuaded to fly into to New York where I could see a game that really mattered to the world. Just kidding!


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