Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Birthday America

 Today I woke early not because I wanted to but because of habit. It's a ritual that occurs most everyday of my life. This morning is different, however. Today is a day of celebration; a birthday that every citizen of the United States Celebrates each year. Today is Independence Day.

  241 years ago a group of brave souls made a decision to break the thirteen colonies of the new world free from British rule. It would be a decision that has helped shape the world ever since. We made a statement. We would be free to govern ourselves as we saw fit and that we would welcome anyone who dreamed of being free. 
  Freedom hasn't always been easy. Differences in opinions have led us to war where brother killed brother to stand for their beliefs during the American Civil War. Right or wrong it was part of progress. Like your favorite button up shirt, sometimes you have to iron out the wrinkles and this nation has had its fair share of wrinkles. 
  The world has gone to war with itself on two occasions and both times we tried to avoid it; both times we failed. During World War II we were faced with the potential to lose the freedoms that our fore father's fought for. A Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor slapped the U.S. awake as we were hit on our own soil for the first time. We were reminded that even when you have a good thing going, you still have to fight for it every once in awhile. Thanks to the "greatest generation," we pushed on with our freedom intact. 

  Today I have the freedom to choose. I have the freedom to travel where I want, when I want and I get to write about and put it out to you. In turn you have the choice whether to read it or not (I'm thankful when you do by the way.) I've seen Bison roaming across Yellowstone's steaming meadows. I've watched Eagles in flight over Alaska. My family gets to go to Disneyland any day they choose. All of this is because of the freedoms we were given when the Declaration of Independence was signed. 
 Happy Birthday, America. Today is your day and we'll celebrate with you by lighting fireworks and having backyard cookouts with our family and friends.

  We'll be back on Friday and pick up where we left off in our Alaska series as we watch whales in Icy Strait Point. See you then.


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