Friday, September 8, 2017

Cafe Coyote, Old Towns Best Mexican Restaurant.

Lets throw down a little background about me.  Hello, My name is Misty and I have never meet a Mexican restaurant I didn't like.  If you ask me what I want for dinner I am going to suggest a Mexican restaurant of some sort.  You should know this about me so you can take the next thing I am going to say with all information at hand, so you can make an informed decision.  

I consider my self somewhat of an expert in the field of good Mexican food and I feel fairly confident that Cafe Coyote is the best there is.  Located in Old Town San Diego, Cafe Coyote has been thriving for every 25 years.  You don't stick around that long unless you have something special.  
When Brandan and I got up at 6 am to go jogging we decided to run down the street in Old town.  These ladies were there getting fresh tortillas ready for the day.  The smell was incredible.  Seriously, you are in Old Town and not quite ready for a meal.  Stop by these ladies and buy a few tortillas.  They sell them right there in front of the building and they are so good.  If you are hungry at all then it is time to head in.  

If you see a long line in front of the building don't let that push you away.  Grab yourself a tortilla from the ladies making them fresh and located close to the lineup spot and then get in line and wait it out. The place is huge and the line always moves pretty fast.  I don't mean big, I mean huge! Both buildings in this picture are Cafe Coyote plus it goes way back.  In between the buildings that is more seating too. There is tons of seating.  
I only have two negative things about the place.  First, it can be loud.  I go to restaurants with people I love to spend time with and Id like to be able to communicate with them.  This is a place that depending on where you sit might be a voice raiser kinda conversation.  It adds to the feel of the place though so you cant really call it a negative.  Second, Pepsi.  I hate Pepsi.  I know that there are some people out there that like the stuff so I will let it slide but seriously, come over to the good side and bring yourself a Diet Coke. 

Famous Old Town Carnitas
TRES PUERCOSChile Verde, Carnitas, and Chile Colorado
Portions are large especially after getting your fill of chips and salsa.  The cheese quesadilla is unlike any you have ever had too so you might want to add that to your wish list.  We generally just stick with the chips because we know the goodness that is coming.   
You really cant go wrong with anything on the menu but I'll give you my suggestions anyway.  Their chili verde is the best ever!  You can't go wrong choosing that.  If you want more of a variety you are looking for the Tres Puercos.  It has chili verde, carnitas and chili colorado.  Their carnitas would be my second favorite and their carnitas plate is heaping with good stuff.  All of the above served with those amazing fresh tortillas.  My daughter got the shrimp burrito and it was family sized.  It smelled good but I didn't get a taste.  She said that it was very good but she likes chicken nuggets too so you can take that how you wish.  My son got a hamburger.  The best Mexican restaurant ever and he chooses a hamburger.  There are no words... 
Shrimp Burrito- Its as big as a baby.
Hamburger...At Cafe Coyote?!?!

If you are wondering how you will every try everything you want to try here then I have great news for you.  They are open daily from 7 am to 10 pm.  Yes friends, you can start your day with Mexican food, have it again for lunch and then chase it down with Mexican for dinner.  For breakfast the first day I had the chilaquiles. That is corn tortillas smothered in tomatillo sauce and served with eggs and cheese.  It was good but on the second day I made it magical.  (Yes the second day we ate here too)  I asked them to top the chilaquiles with chili verde and it is now my new favorite.  It is like nachos, chili verde and yum all in one perfect piping hot skillet.  They don't have chili verde on their breakfast menu but I asked and they were happy to make it happen.  So good!

Lets be real here.  You are not going to lose weight eating here every day but you will be happy.  Unless you are one of those people who don't love Mexican food.  Then I guess I am sorry.  There are restaurants in Old Town that serve things besides Mexican food, they just aren't the best restaurant in all of Old Town.  

Where is the one restaurant you love that we should visit on our travels? 

Happy trails and good eats.  

❤ Misty

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