Friday, September 1, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission Breakout at Disneyland.

We weren't exactly okay with the idea of Disneyland changing up the Tower of Terror.  It was an incredible ride with an incredible story.  We understand change is part of life but this change was one we were not looking forward to.  

The Tower of Terror was set in a fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel during the 1930's.  In July of 2016 Disney announced that they would be taking away the Tower of Terror to make way for a new attraction based on Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy.  In a few short months we watched the sign come down off the side of the building and we said our goodbyes.  

The fact that they were taking Tower of Terror away to make room for this new ride made us feel like the new ride could never be what the Tower of Terror was.  We were right but in a way we didn't expect.  While the Tower of Terror is gone we thought that they would just slap a new paint job on it and call it something new.  That wasn't what they did at all.  

Call it pure Disney Magic.  From the ashes of the Tower of Terror rose something new and wonderful.  Its not the Tower of Terror.  It never will be and it was never trying to be.  It is its own journey and it is a great one.  

We enter the collection of Tivan.  He collects things from all over the Marvel universe.  You will love to see all the gadgets he has on display.  The line went by in  breeze after you got in the doors because of all the great things to look at.  Most have a little sign telling you what it is but you need to know a little bit about movies to know where they were from.  If you like Marvel movies you will see a few things that you will make the line worth it for you on its own.  

While were on the topic of things in a collection.  Does this yeti look like the one that was once inside the Matterhorn? I'm feeling like it might be more of that Disney magic showing.  

When you are ready to experience the ride for yourself we would love to hear all about it.  Until then you can experience it here from Brandan's point of view.  We have a handful of videos on our YouTube channel that you might enjoy if you are looking for a travel fix while waiting for your next adventure.  For now enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy below.  

Happy memory making. 
❤ Misty

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