Friday, September 15, 2017

Old Town San Diego's Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant.

When you visit Old Town San Diego you step back in time.  We love our history and we love it when we can see it as it was.  Welcome to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant.  Set in 1830's dusty past, this place has a story to tell and it would love to tell it to you.  Whether you are here to stay or eat you will be amazed at all they have to offer. 
The Cosmopolitan was constructed in 1827 as the home of Don Juan Bandini.  There was nothing to speak of in the area besides a few small adobe homes and cattle.  This home is built of 10,000 adobe bricks and was huge in comparison to anything near it.  Bandini was known for his elegant style and his week long dance parties.  This style shows in the home.  You can stay here in one of the ten period inspired rooms for a steal of a deal. They start at just $149 a night and include breakfast in the gaming parlor.  I've never eaten in a gaming parlor but it is now an item on my travel bucket list.  

While visiting the area we were looking for a place to eat.  If you remember my favorite suggestion in the area, Cafe Coyote, then you will understand why when we asked where everyone wanted to eat for lunch the answer came up as anything but Mexican food.  We ate at Cafe Coyote three times in one tiny weekend.   Its good food so I didn't think of the need to look for anything else.  Because of that we missed out on a great place many times, but not anymore.  The Cosmopolitan restaurant now holds a place on our list of must visit restaurants when you are in Old Town San Diego.  It is also "not Mexican food" if you are looking for that.  The building is a large square that surrounds an open area for dining.  With the weather in San Diego always being wonderful it is the perfect place to rest your feet. 

The food here is special and unlike anything we've eaten before.   The menu consists of things like chicken and churros and churro speared hamburgers.  The sweet and salty combos with a twist all of their own.  They start your meal with their own house savory rolls served with a whipped fig butter made with figs they pick from the trees that surround you.   

I did manage to find a burrito though or rather a Chimi-Quesa-Burrito.  A crispy chimichanga shell filled with pork adobado, pico de gallo, avocado, verde sauce, four cheeses, cilantro and onion.  It was pretty good but huge.  I shared this with my mom and we were both full.  Not to full for dessert but still full.  
We also had meals on our table like the beautiful braised short rib.  While it was very tasty, it was so pretty you almost didn't want to make that first cut into it.   We also had meals like crispy chicken and goat cheese grits and aged skirt steak.  There were options for any taste here.  They also change their menu from time to time and have things that we didn't see on the menu.  The table near us got a plate full of fresh made potato chips that looked so tempting.  It was fun to watch the different creations go by.  You can check out their menu here to see what I'm talking about.

While we were all full the desserts were impossible to pass up.  We got a few to share and we were so glad that we didn't pass them up.  I am a fried ice cream fanatic.  I love the stuff.  The Cosmopolitan has the best fried ice cream I have ever had!  The shell was full and crispy with the addition of oats and nuts.  It was full of flavor and just the right amount of sweet.  This is good enough it is reason enough alone to eat here.  Seriously!  We also got caramelized banana cheesecake, red velvet flan and berry cobbler.  All were incredible and pictured below!  

Overall the place was an experience.  We loved the atmosphere.  We loved the food.  We loved the old style of the waiters and the incredible variety they offered.  I feel like we have walked by a hundred times and never knew that this treasure existed.  Now we know, we love it and we will be back.  

There you go.  Options in Old Town that are not all Mexican food.  Plus they serve Coke products, if that matters to you.  😉

See you at the next adventure.  Where should that be?
❤ Misty                         

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