Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween and Halloween Time at Disney's California Adventure Park.

Happy Halloween everyone.  Today is one of our favorite holidays here.  We love to celebrate everyday, but days we can dress up like our favorite characters we love even more.  This year we started with a theme.  Brandan is Kylo Ren and I chose to be Jabba the Hutt.  I had this whole vision of a Star Wars family as mixed and mangled as we were.  Turns out children, no matter how well we try to convince them, have their own thoughts about life.  Our little gal loves all things dinosaur and our easy going guy loved his costume from last year he didn't get to wear so he is a shadow.  Easy peasy and fun.  Now on to the tricks and treats.   

Of course one of our most favorite Halloween traditions is to see all the decorations.  Today we are talking about our visit to Disney's California Adventure Park.  The spell has been cast and the park is alive with Halloween magic.  If I were going to compare I would say that this side of the park is twice as decorated as the more famous other side of the Disneyland parks.  As you walk in you are greeted by bats galore and Oogie Boogie welcoming you in.  There are spooky surprises at every turn.  

My favorite part of the park was for sure the Cars Land area.  The characters are all in their favorite costumes for the meet and greets.  Tow Mater is celebrating the holiday with a Junkyard JamBOOree.  Luigi has a Honkin' Halloween them going on. The music was so different but so fitting to the style of the land.  It was awesome!  This was the highlight of our day.  Everywhere you looked there was a new hidden decoration, and I mean seriously everywhere.  

 With the holiday's in full swing it always brings in the crowds.  The lines were a little long and I expect they probably will be through the rest of the season.  That doesn't mean its a bad time to go though.  The feel of the park is thrilling.  The decorations are worth the trip.  The Guardians of the Galaxy ride has a new theme after 5:00 for a new after dark adventure that sadly ends today.  But our friends on the other side of the park, at the Haunted Mansion, will be decked out for the rest of the holiday season. 

 While you are there, make sure you are getting the treats they offer.  Our favorite choices were the Anti Vampire Chicken Pizza and the Candy Corn Cotton Candy.  The pizza was a great garlic concoction with a white sauce.  While the garlic flavor was there it wasn't overpowering at all.  My only complaint was that it was a little wet and messy, but that could have just been the one piece I had.  You cant go wrong with garlic anything though.  The cotton candy was typical Disney yummy but in an extra cute Mickey spiderweb bad.   

Disneyland is always a great time.  Holiday season is just a bit better.  No worries though, we have you covered.  We will be there to show you all the fun if you cant get there yourself.  And if you can get here yourself we would love to see you!  Until next time, happy travels.  ❤ Misty

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