Friday, October 13, 2017

Our Adventure at Cornbelly's and Insanity Point.

We have talked about Thanksgiving Point before here on the blog when we talked about Luminaria and a little bit about it here when we talked about the Fun Five of Utah. Now we are back to Thanksgiving Point to talk about the other adventure we love so much there.  We drove from the warm California sun to pick out the granite slab for the home we are building.  While we were there we had a smidgen of time to stop by Cornbelly's and Insanity Points haunted fun and snap some quick photos.  

You can buy tickets online before you go.  Often this can save you a few dollars if you search for discount codes (For example BELLY will get you $2 off per ticket here).  We missed this step and just paid when we got there, but for all we got it wasn't a bad deal.  They have great options in prices to suit your family needs.  Each pass includes the courtyard activities and the corn maze.  As you get higher priced tickets you add Insanity Point scary attractions.  If you have toddlers then you would love the Laughin' pass which is $11.95 Monday through Thursday and $14.95 on the weekends.  We picked the second option, the Lovin' ticket for $29.95.  This includes everything they have to offer.  The only ticket above this is the season pass which is $59.95 and is basically a Lovin' pass with the ability to bounce back for the entire season.  Included with the Lovin' pass is Insanity Point and five tabs you redeem for either activities or treats while you are there.  We are big fans of the kettle corn if you are having trouble making up your minds on anything.  

The largest part of our night was spent in the Courtyard.  This is where you can find most of the activities.  We laughed so hard at the pig races.  We loved to shoot apples in the apple cannon shooting range.  We watched people ride the mechanical bull though no one in our group was feeling up to it that night.  We had kettle corn, hot cocoa and cookies.  All of this was included in our tabs and our ticket in.  There is a giant air pillow for kids to jump in, rides and games for the kids.  You can roast smores or chat around the fire.  The little ones can burn off energy on the haybail playground.  If you love looking for gems they have that too.    

The highlight of the night for me was the scare factor.  You can walk through the smaller haunted attractions as you wait for your time to hit the but haunt.  The Creature Insanity Point was a great walk through full of zombies, clowns and things that make you jump.  Quick tip, when you see the rear end of a cow duck fast.  It was dark and scary.  It was a great combination of outdoors and enclosed rooms.  The walk through the bus full of prisoners was absolutely petrifying.  The special effects are intense and the characters are dedicated to their parts. 

Of course the ended the night with beautiful super hero themed fireworks.  This is a Halloween tradition we will be continuing for a long time.  We love the family fun that Cornbelly's has to offer.  Our littles are not as little as they used to be.  The haunted attractions are more fun today but keep in mind that they are designed for people 12 and older.  

We are big fans of this event and we think you will love it too.  If you want to learn more about Thanksgiving point you can learn more here and learn more about Cornbelly's here

Off to the next adventure.  Happy travels.  

❤ Misty

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