Friday, October 20, 2017

Six Flags Magic Mountain's Fright Fest 2017

We are knee deep in the most wonderful time of the year.  We have the haunting good times of Halloween leading us right in to Thanksgiving that will guide us straight into Christmas.  After that we have New Years Eve to celebrate all the fun we had this year and all the potential for next.  It is a non stop celebration at our house.  We have the tree up but no worries, it is fully decorated with ghosts, spiders, bats and eyeballs.  We don't jump start Christmas here.  

Being right in the middle of the Halloween season we love to see all the theme parks have to offer.  This post here is about Six Flags Magic Mountain's Fright Fest.  Every year Six Flags Magic Mountain puts on a great Halloween show running mid September through Halloween night.  They go above and beyond what you might expect.  The park is nicely decorated during the day but at night the frights come alive.  One of my favorite features is the hoards of terror that walk the park at night.  They are scary and mobile.  You never know where you might meet them.  Standing in line or walking to a different location or even just watching a show.  No where is safe. If like one huge haunted house attraction.  

On top of the decorations and the traveling terror teams you also have 7 haunted maze locations to thrill you.  Through out the park you will see signs like this that tell you where to go find your next nightmare.  This is an extra fee on top of your pass to get in.  After you enter the park and walk past the funnel cake store you will see a large sign.  It is there that you can purchase wristbands that will get you further into the scare factory.  General Access will cost you $22 or $17 if you are a season pass holder.  If you don't love waiting in lines you can get Express Access for $47 of $42 for season pass holders.  Either way you will love every scream.  

There are signs telling you how to get everywhere but if you are wondering if you are in the right place look around.  The decorations are extra scary and give you hints to the locations you are in.  This picture is of Willoughby's family mansion.  Here you will see a once affluent Victorian mansion that evil has taken over.  Each scare zone has its own theme and thrills.  While Willoughby's family mansion is new for 2017, the old classics are still there.  It just gets bigger and better every year.  

If you aren't looking for the full wristband level of frights there are still plenty of hair raising fun experiences for you to explore.  Territory Twisted is one of my favorites.  Twisted Colossus is in my opinion the best ride in the park.  It is old fashioned wood coaster meets the thrilling scares of the new modern steel coasters.  

The area it is in is all decorated up in steampunk meets massacre.  The ride itself is extra special too, but we will cover that in a second. 

There is Club 6 feet under where you can party with a dead DJ and stage shows like Voodoo Nights to keep the fun flowing.  You can also see a comedy hypnosis stage show in the Golden Bear Theater on select nights at 8 and 10 pm.  You can also see the Suicide Squad take over DC Universe where some of the worst heroes ever roam the streets.  There is a lot to see and do beyond just the maze pass. 

 On of the best parts of Fright Fest has to be the extra scare on the attractions.  Twisted Colossus is thrilling on its own, but left the the touch of the Fright Fest crew you can experience the lights out version of Twisted Colossus and a few of your other favorite rides.  The lights are also off at Full Throttle, Viper, X2: Satan's Domain, BATMAN the Ride, Scream, Apocalypse, Riddler's Revenge and Goliath.  The New Revolution has also been taken over by a demonic presence in full VR fun.  (VR is for guests ages 13 and older). 

Six Flags is all dressed up and ready to thrill you for this years Halloween season.  They have announced that next year they will be open every day next year.  But before we can jump into 2018 we still have Six Flags Holidays in the Park which starts on November 18th and runs through December 31st.  If you can't already guess, we are equally excited to see how they deck the park for the ho ho Holidays.  Happy Travels.  


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