Friday, December 8, 2017

What To Buy Your Adventure Buddy for Christmas.

Merry Christmas season!  It's snowflakes and family parties.  It's Christmas music ringing everywhere.  It's happy faces and kids that are being extra good so that pesky elf doesn't rat them out.  I love Christmas!  One of the best parts of the Christmas holidays is that its not just one simple day.  Christmas season lasts all month long.  There is Santa at the mall and lights on the houses.  It's hot cocoa and wishing strangers the best season ever.  Christmas brings out the best in most everyone. 

Like we have mentioned lately we have been spending a lot of our time in California.  Instead of snow showers and ice on the windows we are thick in fires and Santa Ana Winds.  Even though the weather doesn't look much like Christmas you can feel it in the air.  Another fun part of Christmas is getting to buy your favorite people Christmas presents.  But what do you buy for your favorite adventure buddy.  Brandan put a list together of things he loves or would love to recieve for adventureing of all kids.  In no particular order (and many with our Amazon Affiliate links which add no extra cost to you but can kick back a little to us) here they are. 

1- The ARB Fridge/Freezer.  Often when we are on the road we are out there for days at a time.  If you have ever been to Moab over the Easter Jeep Safari you know full well that you can experience all four seasons in one day.  When one of those seasons is summer ice cream makes a wonderful treat.  If you only have a cooler ice cream isnt going to happen.  With the ARB fridge/freezer that is a worry of the past.  Brandan has been itching to get one of these for years.  Will this be the year he finally pulls the trigger? 

2- GPS Unit.  Someday we need to get Brandan to tell us all about the time he got lost while hunting.  I wish I could remember all the details but I just cant.  I do know that if he had a GPS on him then it wouldn't have happened.  GPS units can be so useful.  They are used for marking hiking or jogging trails, determining distance, not getting lost or finding a location.  One of the funnest things you can do with a GPS is to go geo cashing.  Just follow the coordinates and find a treasure.  Its fun for the whole family.  

3-DJI Osmo Gimbal.  Filming on the go got a lot easier when we added this to our photography and filming collection.  Todays phones are great for getting those moments but often we are the weak link and our tiny shaking shows up on the camera.  Gimbals work magic to get rid of that.  They also can be controlled without touching the phone so it gets great shots from start to finish.  There are more than one brand of gimbals but we feel like this is the best one. 

4-Bestop Under Seat Lock Box.  When enjoying nature we love our Jeep.  We love that the top comes off so we are that much closer to nature as we drive by.  I don't love it as much when the bison in Yellowstone come to visit us though.  Bison snot is yuck.  When the top is off there are few places to lock things up.  The Bestop Under Seat Lock Box is a favorite of ours to store things we want to keep hidden away.  

5- Paracord.  I know its a simple thing but paracord is awesome stuff. It can be used to get your cooler up in the trees in bear coutry, to hang laundry, to tie down items, replace shoelaces, tie a person to a tree or what ever else you can think up.  It can also be woven into bracelets, dog leashes or rifle slings.  The stuff is versatile and kinda fun.  If you are the crafty type I am sure you can come up with all sorts of fun things to make.  When you are ready to use it just unravel and have a strong rope to get you out of a bind.  

That there, is just a few things that we could think of to put under that Christmas tree this year.  What else can we get our favorite adventure buddy this year?

Merry Christmas and we hope you find the magic all over in your life this month.  

❤ Misty

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